2020 UCAT ANZ Dates Have Been Announced



It’s important to keep track of all the dates and deadlines involved in the UCAT ANZ. If you miss any vital deadlines you’ll have to wait another year to try again. We've taken the hassle out of searching for all the correct dates of what to do and when by listing them all here in one place.

Make sure to write these dates in your diary, on your calendar, on your phone, laptop and even on a note beside your bedside lamp. You don’t want to miss these dates.

Concessions are open on Monday 3rd February 2020:

From this date, you can apply for your UCAT ANZ fee to be reduced if you’re experiencing financial hardship through the UCAT ANZ Consortium website. Applicants entitled to this reduction are those who have or are a dependent registered on a current Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC). Note: This concession scheme is not available to New Zealand applicants. 

Access Arrangements open on Monday 3rd February 2020:

This is for applicants who have extra educational needs such as dyslexia or even a temporary injury and will need extra time or adaptions in order to sit the UCAT ANZ. You’ll need to send in evidence of your extra educational needs such as a psychologist report or medical note.

Bookings open on Monday 2nd March 2020:

You’ll finally be able to book your UCAT ANZ. The earlier the better so you get the dates, time and location you want - they fill up fast. You want to book a date, time and location that suits you best so you perform well on the day of your UCAT ANZ.

Concessions & Access Arrangement deadline:

Monday 4th May 2020 at 5 pm is the last day to apply for your reduced fee and extra educational needs allowances. If you need them make sure you apply in time with everything that your application requires so as to avoid any delays.

Doors close on Monday 11th May 2020 at 11:59 pm:

Last chance to get yourself organised and booked in for your UCAT ANZ. If you miss this deadline you’ll have to wait until 2021 to book for your UCAT ANZ.

Wednesday 1 July 2020 is when it begins:

The UCAT ANZ testing season starts. Are you prepared? Know exactly what you’re doing? Check out our UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course to make sure. The more practice you complete, the better prepared you will be for the real exam.  The longer you spend on revising the UCAT ANZ, the more time you allow your brain to store your new skills and improvements into your long-term memory. This strengthens each area of your brain that the UCAT ANZ requires to successfully score in the highest percentiles. Our UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course simulates the real UCAT ANZ so you won’t feel unfamiliar with the real thing on the big day.

Last leg on Friday 31st July 2020:

This is the very last day of the testing season. It is the very last day you can sit your UCAT ANZ but you must have booked on or before Monday 11th May 2020.

Final results in early September:

You’ll be able to access your results on your online UCAT ANZ Consortium account. However, it won’t be until early September that your final UCAT ANZ score will be directly sent to all of your chosen medical schools.

Want to know more about the UCAT ANZ? Have a look at What is the UCAT ANZ 2020?  and A quick guide through the day of your UCAT ANZ.

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