5 Simple Top Tips For UCAT ANZ Success

UCAT Revision Tips


Want the best score possible for your UCAT ANZ? Proactively follow these 5 simple, tried and tested steps and you just might achieve your highest score yet.

#1 Woman meditating in front of a yellow and pink ying yang symbol with her legs crossed, hands together and eyes closed looking after herself while studying for the UCAT.

Keep calm:

During your UCAT ANZ, you may find yourself panicking, overthinking and stressing before, during and after each section; a great technique to use to refocus and steady those nerves is taking a deep breath and then mentally counting 1-2-3 and carrying on. Panicking, overthinking and stressing is not going to help. Stay aware of your thoughts and block any negativity that tries to distract you from focusing on doing your best.

#2 A target with two darts missing the bullseye. A magnifying glass is pointed towards the target.

Make weaknesses your strength:

Identify which section or sections of the UCAT ANZ are your weakest and make them your strength. Which section do you find most challenging? Is there a section you have not tackled yet? Find the weak link in your store of knowledge to strengthen your chain of abilities to lock in that high final UCAT ANZ score.

#3 A blue flag that displays a triangle warning sign that has an exclamation mark on it

Wave that flag:

Before sitting your UCAT ANZ, if you feel you really are struggling to get to grips with it all, the best thing to do is admit it and ask for help; do not struggle along on your own. Our UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course offers great revision techniques.

During your UCAT ANZ there is a flag button where you can help yourself by bookmarking a question you want to answer later or return to check it.

#4 A clock

Manage time:

Stay aware of the time, it can go so quickly during exams. Make a plan of how much time you will allow yourself on each question and stick to it. If you become aware you have spent longer than you wanted on one particular question, flag it and move onto the next. If you have time left at the end of that section go back to it and give it another try.

#5 A lightbulb floating on top of a hand.

Educated guess work:

Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate; do not leave a question unanswered even if you just answer by purely guessing. It is better than not answering it at all, as your guess may earn you marks, whereas not answering will definitely not earn you marks. You have been studying hard for your UCAT ANZ, therefore it will be an educated guess by your trained intuition.

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