Boosting Your Discipline While Preparing For The UCAT ANZ

UCAT Revision Tips


With the UCAT ANZ exam dates approaching, now is the time to take your revision to the next level of focus and dedication. We understand it can be hard to push yourself for this final journey. In this blog article, we provide you with several ways to boost your discipline while preparing for the UCAT ANZ.

Being Disciplined For The UCAT ANZ

Are you finding it hard to concentrate on your UCAT ANZ revision? Do you feel that you lack the discipline to plough through questions after questions? Be assured. Regardless of what you may think, you CAN concentrate and you DO have discipline. You just need to utilise some techniques to channel your attention and discipline to UCAT ANZ revision.

The tips below will help increase your discipline for UCAT ANZ revision, leading to increased efficiency and higher performance. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from applying these to other parts of your life too.

The Importance Of Scheduling Your Revision

You should aim to work on your UCAT ANZ revision every day at a scheduled time. Why? Because if you don’t set a strict time, you may tell yourself, ‘I will do it when I have some time’ or ‘I will work on it when I’m mentally ready’. You know very well that this perfect time and readiness may never come.

By locking in a time and sticking to it, your brain will gradually become wired to revise for the UCAT ANZ at that time. Setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself would be a sound idea. 

Planning and scheduling your UCAT ANZ revision helps you to free your mind before and after the session. There is no guilty feeling stemming from procrastination. You will not be stressed from asking yourself each day what time you will do your revision. Removing these negative associations from your UCAT ANZ revision will make it even easier to build constructive habits.

Make Use Of Rewards And Implications

The idea of scheduling sounds compelling, but how do you make sure that you stick to the plan? And how do you make sure that you are not just sitting at your desk, but really focused on your revision? 

At the end of each revision session, you can reward yourself with small things as you tick off your revision calendar. This can be your favourite snack or an episode of your favourite TV show, whatever works for you. Such little rewards help you to shake off any distractions and keep you focused on the task at hand, as well as reinforcing your behaviour.

Thinking about positive and negative implications can be useful for long-term discipline. Think of a couple of positive implications to motivate yourself. For example, the positive implication of working diligently on your UCAT ANZ revision session tonight is that you will be one closer towards your dream of becoming a medical professional. 

When your discipline fades away and you need even stronger measures, negative implications can be useful too. For example, the negative implication of spending a week without doing any UCAT ANZ revision would be that you may closely miss out on the UCAT ANZ threshold score for your preferred medical school, or do not receive interview invitations from any medical schools.

Negative implications can be very powerful as it is our human nature to be loss aversive. However, don’t overdo this, as you don’t want to be stressed out too much. A little bit of tension can be useful, but too much of anything is bad.

Have someone look over you from time to time

To further boost your discipline, you can seek some external help too. By being accountable to someone else, you will become more disciplined with your UCAT ANZ revision, as you would not want to let them down. 

Don’t be shy in asking a friend or family member to check on you from time to time. This doesn’t always have to happen face-to-face. Text messages, emails, video calls are all fine as long as you are regularly providing an account of your revision progress.

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