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In regards to COVID-19, many of you may be wondering what will happen with your UCAT ANZ exam. Thankfully, the UCAT ANZ has made an announcement on 24th March 2020 that they expect the test to go ahead in 2020.

Here, we provide you with answers to a number of relevant questions that you may have on this matter.

Q. Will the UCAT ANZ definitely go ahead in 2020?

A. The UCAT ANZ has stated that they expect the testing to go ahead. With three months to go until the exam, no one can definitely say that this situation will not change, but until further announcements are made you should prepare for the UCAT ANZ under the assumption that it will go ahead. 

Q. Will all test centres be open?

A. At the moment, there is no guarantee on whether all testing centres in Australia, New Zealand, and in other countries will be open normally, and the testing timelines may shift.

Q. How will I know if the situation will change?

A. We will add updates here if/when they have been confirmed. You may get an email from Pearson VUE if things dramatically change. 

Q. Who makes the decision on whether the UCAT ANZ schedule will be changed, or if the UCAT ANZ will go ahead at all?

A. The UCAT ANZ will make decisions on any changes to be made to the UCAT ANZ following discussions with Pearson VUE and consultations with its consortium of medical and dental schools. Of course, these decisions will be made in accordance with government policies.

Q. I haven’t registered for the UCAT ANZ yet, can I still do this?

A. Certainly. You can still register through the UCAT ANZ website. Refer to our step-by-step guide if you need any help.

Medify’s Advice

Given that the UCAT ANZ will likely go ahead (albeit with some possible adjustments to the schedule), it is very important that you remain calm and carry on diligently preparing for the UCAT ANZ.

For now, please take good care of yourselves and each other and make use of this quiet self-isolation time to recharge, revise and prepare for when everything gets back to normal. 

Please bookmark this page and keep checking back here for regular updates.

Be well,


Studying for the UCAT UK instead? Here is the link to information on the UK version of the test.

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