How To Deal With Disappointing Mock UCAT ANZ Scores

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Are the scores of your UCAT ANZ mock exams not what you want? Feel like you study and try your best but still don't get the scores you're aiming for? This can be really disheartening and a motivation killer. So what can be done about it?

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Remembering it is not your real and final score:

It is best to be making mistakes now, within your mocks whilst there is still time to improve on them, rather than in the real UCAT ANZ. There may be various reasons as to why you achieved disappointing results in some of your mocks such as environment, time of day or even misunderstanding how the UCAT ANZ scores are calculated. Some poor mock scores are to be expected and does not mean they reflect what score you will have in the real UCAT ANZ; make all the mistakes now, while you can research to put them right.

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Growing a thick skin and a determined attitude: 

In order to succeed, we must first continuously fail; Alexander Graham Bell failed a countless amount of times before successfully inventing the telephone. He did not quit; instead he learned from his mistakes and built upon them: researching, experimenting and using the trial and error method. Build resilience by being determined to succeed no matter what and allow your hunger of achieving your dream of medical school drive you until you do reach the scores and outcome you desire.

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Comprehending how the UCAT ANZ generates scores:

The more you understand how the UCAT ANZ scores are calculated the better you will perform. If you are struggling to comprehend how they work, here is our guide to How is the UCAT ANZ score generated? Simply put: each result from each section compares your performance with other Medify UCAT ANZ users and their scores. 

The percentiles of UCAT ANZ mocks, generally dip towards the last set of mocks available, as only the most determined hang on to complete all the mocks available. Therefore, you are competing and being compared to the best of the best, making it a lot more difficult.

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