How to Prepare for the UCAT ANZ While Dealing with the Uncertainty of COVID-19

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The unpredictability and uncertainty surrounding the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic are quickly becoming a significant cause of stress for many students who are already emotionally and mentally stretched. In this blog article, we provide you with practical tips on how to deal with uncertainty in such times.

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Learn to accept the uncertainties:

Will my UCAT ANZ exam be postponed? How do I sit exams if my school closes? When will the pandemic end? You may be asking yourself such questions every day, either consciously or unconsciously. The hard truth is that no one knows for certain what is around the corner. It is a natural human instinct to worry and panic about matters beyond our control. However, in these times of uncertainty, it is important to force yourself to take a step back and accept the fact that you cannot always control everything in your life.

By embracing and accepting uncertainty, you will no longer worry excessively about what has not yet happened and be able to focus on the present. You will surely face many more uncertainties in life. Learning to accept uncertainty earlier in your life will confer an immense benefit to the rest of your blossoming life.

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Rely on official sources of information and take immediate actions:

While you should learn to accept the uncertainties, you should be not hesitant in actioning upon the certainties (i.e. what we do know for sure). For example, if a new set of UCAT ANZ test dates was officially announced, you should check them out immediately and book the session that suits you the best.

Rather than relying on word-of-mouth, rumours and speculations, you should keep an eye on the official sources of information relating to your UCAT ANZ. These include the official PearsonVue and UCAT ANZ websites. We will also post any official updates relevant to the UCAT ANZ or medical school admissions in Australia and New Zealand in our COVID-19 Live Updates page.  

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Keep calm and carry on studying for the UCAT ANZ:

Despite not knowing for certain what will happen in the near future, including your UCAT ANZ exam, you should take some consolation in the fact that governments, healthcare workers and many others around the world are trying everything they can to mitigate the situation. In fact, a number of countries are already achieving some success in containing the virus, for example, the number of cases in South Korea has dropped sharply recently.

One great way to keep your mind off worry is to focus on the present. What can you do right now? You can take a big breath and look after those around you who are particularly vulnerable to the virus. You can diligently work through your school study. You can focus on your UCAT ANZ revision. Remember, everyone is facing the same situation at the moment, but how you respond to the challenges will make the difference in determining your future.

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Look after yourself:

Most importantly, you should look after your mental and physical well-being. While you do not have control over the global COVID-19 context, you do have some control over your own health and those you come in close contact with. Adhere to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s advice for the public to protect yourself and those around you. 

Looking after your mental health is just as important too. If you have not already, consider meditation as an option to relieve your anxiety, release your stress, and garner strength to move on in life. Maintain a positive attitude, envisioning and hoping for the best. This too shall pass.

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