In a Medical World Where You Can Be Anything – Be Kind, Racism is not an Option



Having just been through the rollercoaster of the past couple of weeks, with the unjust death of George Floyd, we wanted to take a moment to reflect.

The Medical World and Racism

The medical world is an interesting area in terms of race.  Doctors, nurses and medical specialists all go the extra mile to help people.  It is a part of our DNA so to speak.  Race, colour and religious belief should not come into the equation.  There are doctors, nurses, consultants and other medical workers of all religions, all colours and all beliefs – there is no room for racism. 

Yet, we still live in a medical world where racial injustice is present.  What happened in the USA, unfortunately reminds us that racism is still very much a reality and we must help to quash it, not just in medicine but everywhere.

Racism in medicine is a harsh reality in both Australia and New Zealand, coming in forms of individual racism and institutional racism (e.g. funding inequity, treatment inequity, differences in performance criteria, cultural barriers). Any form of racial injustice must be further challenged.

Medify’s Stance on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement and Long-Standing Commitment to Racial Justice

Medify’s mission statement is plain and simple; democratise healthcare education. Unfortunately, the system is still flawed and racism is still prevalent. 

The majority of Medify’s board members are BAME and we are proud of the diversity that we promote and support.  As a team of practising doctors and academics, we have also faced racism and abuse while working on the frontlines. As medical students, many of us experienced racism while studying at our medical schools.

To that end, Medify deplores any form of racism and all that it entails and in accordance with this we fully support the BLM movement. We will continue to fight against racism in society and in medicine and want to share our values with you.


  • Are an equal opportunity employer that hires people based on their skills and experience, not their ethnicity. A significant proportion of our staff and associates are BAME.
  • Strive to work towards our vision and mission of providing affordable, accessible education for all aspiring students, regardless of background, race, colour or religious beliefs.
  • Are proud that one of our board members held a direct role in the WRES (Workforce Race Equality Standard) report in the UK, this included directly questioning the Chief People Officer of the National Health Service (NHS) on the quality standards for BAME staffing and approving them as part of the committee.

We Also Need Your Help

Ethnic diversity enriches our culture, inspires creativity and fuels innovation.  While we live in free, democratic nations where diversity and inclusion is actively promoted, unfortunately, racism in Australia and New Zealand is undermining our humanitarian values and weakening social cohesion.

Let’s fight against racism together.  We want to enact meaningful change at the highest levels as well as at the grassroots. It starts with people like you, who are keen to engage and keen to change the status quo. You will face many barriers in life, but how you face them and how you surmount them will make the person that you aspire to be.

We recommend that you visit as it outlines a number of actions that you can take. This includes signing petitions, donating/fundraising, being informed and being vocal.

When doctors and nurses hear the words “I can’t breathe” they act – they try to help, the aim is always to save a life.  That’s what is done in medicine. What happened to George Floyd has floored the team at Medify.

Black lives matter, every life matters, regardless of race, colour or religious belief. We stand with the BLM Movement and we will do everything in our power to eradicate racism.  It is one thing to stand by BLM but it is another thing to take action towards it - will you?

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