It Is Never Too Late To Start Preparing For Your UCAT ANZ

UCAT Revision Tips


The earlier you start preparing for your UCAT ANZ the better, as it gives the knowledge more time to sink in. But it is possible to learn all the necessary information you need to successfully pass your UCAT ANZ in a very short period of time. Here are some quick tips to help you along the way.

Some people perform even better when it is a last minute thing, as they work at their optimum under extreme pressure. However, successful late UCAT ANZ preparation is all about how you use the limited time available and being savvy about what to learn, whilst still balancing the rest of your busy life. Here, we have collected 3 top tips for getting the most out of your last minute cramming to successfully pass your UCAT ANZ and make it into medical or dental school.

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Get to know your weaknesses:

This will save you already limited time, as identifying your weaknesses and then focusing your cramming in those areas will massively help improve and strengthen those weaknesses.

To identify where your weaknesses lay, complete a few practice exams, our Online UCAT ANZ Course has 21 full mocks and 40+ mini-mocks which all give you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. This will provide you with exactly what areas you need to work on, which will direct you to how you should be making the most of your limited time.

Working on your weaknesses will not only help strengthen your answers within these areas of the UCAT ANZ but will boost your overall confidence and performance in your own ability and goals.

#2 A stopwatch

Sit each mock like it is the real deal:

Treating each mock like it is the real UCAT ANZ with the same restrictions: no phone, no internet, timed and no food or drink, will lower the risk of stress and boost your performance within the real UCAT ANZ. Practising under the exact UCAT ANZ time limits will aid your performance in correctly answering questions within such a short period of time; getting you used to the expected delegation of time of each section.

Plus, this gives you the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with the equipment you will be expected to use during the exam. We have two really useful articles What do I do with the provided equipment in my UCAT ANZ? and How to use the keyboard in the UCAT ANZ which will help speed up this part of your learning process.

#3 A book with a magnifying glass pointing towards the bottom.

Actually read the feedback:

After completing each mock online, thorough feedback is given as to why the answer you picked was or was not the correct answer; reading this feedback is crucial to your improvement and boosting your chances of successfully passing you UCAT ANZ. The feedback will help you pinpoint where you need to improve and how to improve it. Sometimes we learn more from our mistakes than our successes; self reflection is hard but necessary. Making reading the feedback into a habit will help you make educated guesses too, which we all end up doing due to the time pressures and is completely normal.

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