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The UCAT ANZ 2020 doesn't take place until winter of next year but the more practice you complete, the better prepared you will be for the real exam. The longer you spend on revising the UCAT ANZ, the more time your brain will have to store your new skills and improvements into your long-term memory while strengthening each area of your brain that each section of the UCAT ANZ requires to successfully score in the highest percentiles.

Since 2009, we have successfully supported students in achieving their dream of getting into medical or dentistry school; our statistics show we help 1 in 3 students each year. This is all thanks to our amazing multidisciplinary team of doctors, medical students, academics and professional software engineers with experience and expertise in test development, measurement, and analysis. We collectively contribute to provide the best of Medify’s 24/7 service and support to get you where you want to be.

Medify's UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course covers all 5 sub-test sections:

Medify has a unique method of preparing you for the UCAT ANZ:

Learn via numerous UCAT ANZ video tutorials:

Hear from the experts on how the test is structured and how to handle each part, really getting to know every aspect of the UCAT ANZ.

Practice-Makes-Perfect with a little help:

Theory will not take the exam for you. Practise, identify your weaknesses, and you will see yourself improve; you can practise and repeat sections and questions continuously gaining feedback and with the help of:

Over 7613 Practice Questions

  • All with detailed explanations and performance feedback, providing the tools you need to improve your score.

Customisable Quizzes

  • Take control of your practice with the ability to mix topics, focus on a single sections, or an area within a section that you find particularly challenging.

Timed and Untimed Quizzes

  • When you’ve covered the basics, practise with time-pressure to optimise your score.

Simulate the UCAT ANZ with Medify's powerful replica:

The UCAT ANZ is less intimidating if you have done it before; experience the next best thing under timed conditions with our single-use and quality-assured mock tests.

8 Full Mock Exams

  • All with detailed explanations and performance feedback.

18 Single-Section Mini-Mocks

  • For when you're short of time or want to focus on a single section.

Accurate Exam Client Replica

  • Avoid surprises on test day: we keep up-to-date with the keyboard shortcuts, calculator, and question presentation.

UCATSEN Supported

  • Extra time available for instructions and questions just like in the real test.

We Review Your Performance To Focus Your Attention:

See your progress with our trackers and statistical insights, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses to make better use of your time.

Tutorial Progress

  • Track your progress through the tutorials, and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Activity Calendar

  • Make the most of the time you have left. Establish streaks, avoid missing days, and see how long until your test.

Mock Insights

  • Compare your mock scores with other Medify users, past and present.

Topic Breakdown

  • We break down each section into topics, and show you your strengths and weaknesses.

Our UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course covers all 5 sections in a variety of effective learning experiences:

Learn the ins and outs of the UCAT ANZ with video tutorials from the experts themselves on how the test is structured and how each part should be handled. 

We have a bank of over 10,239 questions with a decision-making section that has been successfully tried and tested by UCAT ANZ, candidates since 2009.

8 full mock exams and 18 mini-mock exams With time track and predicted scores.

Performance feedback highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to effectively improve and be fully prepared for the real thing.

Customised quizzes.

Timed and untimed quizzes.


If you'd like to be fully prepared for when the big day finally arrives and achieve the best score you possibly can due to hard work, perseverance and dedication with great support from our friendly Medify team of experts, head over to our UCAT ANZ Online Course, and we will get started straightaway.

Who needs luck when you’ve got Medify on your side.

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