Live Updates: COVID-19 and Medical School Admissions in Australia and New Zealand



The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt for medical school admissions in Australia and New Zealand. Here, we provide you with a compilation of official updates relevant to medical school admissions in Australia and New Zealand to make sure you are all up-to-date. Since the situation can change rapidly any time, we are monitoring various information sources closely to update this page. So stay healthy, check this post regularly and continue with your academic studies and preparation for admission tests.

Last updated Monday 10th August 2020 5.46 AM AEST

Updates on the UCAT ANZ

On 6th August 2020, the UCAT ANZ has advised that Melbourne testing centres have closed. If you are affected by this closure, check your email inbox for instructions on rescheduling. Refer to the official UCAT ANZ COVID-19 update page for further information.

In response to COVID-19, Medify has rolled out a COVID-19 guarantee scheme for those purchasing a UCAT ANZ season pass. This means that even if the UCAT ANZ exam is delayed, we will guarantee access to the Medify platform until your exam date.

Updates on the GAMSAT

On 8th July 2020, ACER has advised that registrations for the September 2020 GAMSAT are open. Follow this link for further information. The September 2020 GAMSAT information booklet is available here.

On 2nd July 2020, ACER has released the results of the May 2020 GAMSAT.

Updates on medical school admissions process in Australia and New Zealand

The University of Sydney has made an announcement on 17th April 2020 that its admissions process and application timeline has been revised for the 2021 entry. A notable change includes removal of multiple mini interviews for domestic students, with a few exceptions (e.g. as an additional selection tool for equally-ranked applicants). The full details of the changes can be found in the following links: domestic students / international students.

The University of Notre Dame Fremantle has advised on 29th April 2020 that if interviews are not possible to be held, notification regarding any changes will be posted on their website.

Monash University has advised on 15th May 2020 that they are evaluating admissions procedures for 2021. International applicants will now have their interviews online. Graduate entry applicants will be allowed to choose whether 2020 Semester 1 grades contribute to the weighted average mark or not.

The University of Wollongong has advised on 20th May 2020 that there will be changes to their admissions procedures for 2021.

The University of Auckland has advised on 20th May 2020 that they are 'working on a process to accommodate changes to assessments for Semester One 2020, the UCAT-ANZ (if applicable) and any impact changes may have on selection for Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) or final offers of a place'.

It is possible that other medical schools will also make changes to their admissions process and application timeline. We will provide detailed up-to-date information on the medical school admissions criteria and process on this page.

GEMSAS has released the 2021 medicine admissions guide and will be opening registrations and applications for all GEMSAS medical schools on Thursday 7th May 2020 (with a deadline of Thursday 11th June 2020 5pm AEST).

On 3rd June 2020, it has been announced that changes have been made to NCEA and University Entrance in New Zealand to account for the disruption from COVID-19. For further information, please refer to this link.

Updates on high school examinations in Australia and New Zealand

Please refer to the following links for latest information or timetable relating tohigh school examinations in Australia and New Zealand:

Updates on university assessments in Australia and New Zealand

University classes are continuing to run in Australia and New Zealand (offline or online) and you should receive your grades at the end of each semester for calculation of GPA. Do keep an eye on your university website and your university email inbox for any changes to the delivery of classes and assessments.

Updates on the ISAT

On 28th May 2020, ACER has advised that ISAT 2020 cycle 2 and 3 registrations are now open. Refer to this link for instructions for registration.

On 5th August 2020, ACER has advised that the Melbourne cycle 2 tests will be delivered via remote proctoring.

Updates on the MCAT

In the latest update (24th March 2020) from the AAMC, it was announced that the 27th March and 4th April MCAT exams have been cancelled globally. AAMC has extended flexible rescheduling for candidates who are taking exams through the end of May. 
For more information, visit the official AAMC website.

Please bookmark this page and keep checking back here for regular updates.

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