Live Updates: Medical School Admissions News

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Here, we provide you with a compilation of news relevant to medical school admissions to make sure you are all up-to-date.

Last updated Tuesday 30th November 2021 8.27 PM AEDT

Updates on the UCAT ANZ

Check the UCAT ANZ 2021 final statistics.

Updates on the GAMSAT

March 2022 GAMSAT registration is now open.

Read the GAMSAT 2022 information booklet here.

Updates on medical school admissions process in Australia and New Zealand

Emails have been sent to medicine applicants on whether their applications were successful for not. Please check your email.

Updates on high school examinations in Australia and New Zealand

Please refer to the following links for latest information or timetable relating to high school examinations in Australia and New Zealand:

Updates on the ISAT

ISAT Cycle 4 Registrations are now open.

Please bookmark this page and keep checking back here for regular updates.

Studying for the UCAT UK instead? Here is the link to the UK Live Update page.

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