Live Updates: Medical School Admissions News

Here, we provide you with a compilation of news relevant to medical school admissions to make sure you are all up-to-date.

Last updated Friday 20 May 2022

Updates on the UCAT ANZ

Please note that some changes have been made to UCAT ANZ 2022:

  • The number of Abstract Reasoning questions has decreased from 55 to 50
  • Abstract Reasoning section timing has decreased by 1 minute
  • Quantitative Reasoning section timing has increased by 1 minute (but the same number of questions as last year)
  • The number of questions in the Situational Judgement Test has decreased from 69 to 66 (the time-limit remains the same at 26 minutes)
  • There's a new drag-and-drop question type in the Situational Judgement Test

All other sections remain unchanged.

Updates on the GAMSAT

March 2022 GAMSAT results have been released. Log into your account to view your results.

Registration for GAMSAT September 2022 opens mid May and close on July 22.

Read the GAMSAT 2022 information booklet here.

Updates on medical school admissions process in Australia and New Zealand

Updates on high school examinations in Australia and New Zealand

Please refer to the following links for latest information or timetable relating to high school examinations in Australia and New Zealand:

Updates on the ISAT

ISAT 2022 information booklet is now available.

Please bookmark this page and keep checking back here for regular updates.

Studying for UCAT UK instead? Check out the UK Live Updates page.

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