Medical School Interview Offers Are Out



So you sat your UCAT ANZ, completed enough work experience and perfected your medical school application, when should you expect offers of medical school interviews to land on your doormat? Let’s find out…

The application process to get into medical school can be a long and painstaking journey but you are not alone. Here at Medify we have been lending a successful helping hand since 2009, we know every part of this journey.

Below, we have collected all the important data you need to know about interview dates for 2020 entry into medical and dental school. Have you received your invites yet? 

A table showing the list of medical schools in Australia and New Zealand, with their interview types, interview offer dates and interview dates.

Interview types for medical school:

Each university has its own particular process of interviewing for various reasons.

Panel: Within your interview, there will be more than one interviewer present. They may take it in turns to ask you questions or only one of the interviewers will ask you questions while the others listen and take notes.

MMI: Mini Multiple Interviews are a series of short structured interviews within 8-10 different ‘stations’, assessing qualities including cultural sensitivity, maturity, teamwork, empathy, reliability and communication skills. Each mini-interview usually lasts a few minutes but can last up to ten minutes which minimises the relationship between the interviewer and the applicant, and focuses on how they perform in a series of standardised situations.

Offers of interview will only be issued to students with an ATAR score of 99.95 or over at the University of Sydney for the Double Degree in Medicine programme. Be prepared as this will include a panel interview and a written assessment. Expect this to take place on the 20th December 2019. 

The University of Queensland, Flinders University, University of Tasmania, Griffith University and Otago University will not be offering interviews for provisional 2020 entry for medicine. 

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