Top 5 Medical Podcasts to Learn About the Reality of Healthcare



Improve your insight into and knowledge of healthcare before medical school.

The med school admissions process is tough.

Wider knowledge and a keen interest in the world of medicine is essential at interview and as you begin your studies.

These podcasts can keep you tuned, topical and ready to discuss the issues of the day with gusto and authority. And, you can listen while doing other things. What’s not to like?

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"The GP Show" medical podcast

1. The GP Show

This show is hosted by Dr Sam Manger who discusses a range of health-related topics with experts and advocates. 

Each podcast is around 40-50 minute in length, providing an in-depth discussion of hot topics like the microbiome and fasting as well as issues particularly relevant for the Australian health system such as Indigenous health and rural health.

Ready to jump in at the deep end?

Listen now.

"This Podcast Will Kill You" medical podcast

2. This Podcast Will Kill You 

A podcast run by Erin and...well, Erin. They are two female grad students studying disease ecology who became disenchanted with the insular world of academia. 

So what did they do about it? They connected with the outside world to share the information in an accessible way.

In each podcast, they discuss patterns of disease with a humorous and lively vibe. Their website says, “Well hello there, have you washed your hands recently? If not, listen up.” 

Yes, it’s a specialist topic, but learning about the dispersal of different diseases is very interesting and, ahem, topical. It will stand you in good stead at interview. Give it a go.

"New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)" medical podcast

3. New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

NEJM’s podcast covers multiple topics in one episode, so you can get a run down of the week and the latest medical discoveries. 

This is a reading of articles rather than a discussion, so if you like audiobooks, this is for you. 

On top of that, it’s a highly-impactful publication, read and cited by countless medical professionals.

Have a listen to get up-to-date findings and knowledge being used by doctors all over the world.

"The Undifferentiated Medical Student" medical podcast

4. The Undifferentiated Medical Student

This one has a major advantage: it is actually designed for aspiring and current med students.

The content might well give you the confidence to pursue the right career path by helping you explore the options out there.

They have interviewed over 120 specialists about their area of expertise, with each interview divided into 3 sections:

​​Part 1: “Tell us about your specialty”

Part 2: “Tell us about how you decided this specialty was right for you”

Part 3: “Give us advice for long-term career planning irrespective of your choice of specialty” 

In depth, detailed and designed to empower you to make your own choices.

Give it a try.

"Two Docs Talk" medical podcast

5. Two Docs Talk

At 15 minutes an episode, this is a bitesize podcast run by two female doctors (hence the name). They discuss the latest thought, trends and issues in modern medicine. 

Current policies and medical evidence are used to examine medical concerns, and there is a focus on how all this will impact the doctor-patient relationship. 

With weekly episodes, this is a fantastic podcast to add to your schedule.

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Keep notes of what you learn and once you find an area that piques your curiosity, keep delving deeper - it demonstrates an inquisitive nature and helps you build on your discoveries.

Enjoy your research!

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