Medify’s Bonus Top Tips For UCAT ANZ Success

Revision Techniques


Needing Top Tips for a Top Final UCAT ANZ Score? Give our Bonus Top Ten Tips a go. They may just be the tips you have been needing to push your score that bit further towards success.

Manage Your Timing:

It is important not to waste a large amount of time on one question; if you notice you are spending a lot of time on one question make an educated guess and move on. Read the question first to give yourself more of an idea of what you are guessing at. Practise will help with your efficiency and time management. If you familiarise yourself with the tricks, keyboard shortcuts and question formats, and practise in timed conditions, you are likely to do well.

Make Weaknesses Your Strength:

Identify which section or sections of the UCAT ANZ are your weakest and make them your strength. Which section do you find most challenging? Is there a section you have not tackled yet? Find the weak link in your store of knowledge to strengthen your chain of abilities to lock in that high final UCAT ANZ score.

Be Distraction Free:

Effective revision needs to be free of distractions or disturbances for full productivity of getting the information to stick and be understood. It is a grand idea to switch your phone off, put it in another room or even grander to give it to someone to look after it for you and tell them not to let you have it back until your revision session is complete.

Environment Is Everything:

What environment are you most productive in? Some people can only effectively work in silence and some in noisy and busy atmospheres. Do you work best sat at a desk, on the sofa or at the beach? Find your perfect study zone and make a habit of returning to it as much as you can.

Everything Has A Place:

How organised are you? If you have drawn out a revision timetable for yourself that is great, well done. But what about your revision bag, folders, pencil case or desk? Can you easily and quickly find everything you need for each revision session? If not, it may be time to get properly organised.

Enough Time To Grow:

Do not begin your UCAT ANZ revision and study too close to the test date, studies have shown ‘cramming’ to be ineffective as it does not give your brain and memory time to grow and become acquainted with the information needed to successfully pass your UCAT ANZ. Start revising as soon as you have decided to take the UCAT ANZ, have booked yourself a place and received your official UCAT ANZ date. Check out our UCAT ANZ 2019 Online Course to get started straightaway.

Enough Time To Breathe:

As well as scheduling study time, it is just as important to schedule breaks for yourself on your timetable. Getting quality sleep and taking regular breaks gives your brain a chance to process everything you have learned and gives you a well earned rest to refresh for another great UCAT ANZ revision session and time to daydream about becoming a great doctor or dentist.

Prioritise Your Beauty Sleep:

Make sure you are getting enough quality sleep; some studies have shown it is not the quantity of hours you sleep but the quality of the hours you sleep that matters for a fully productive and alert mind. Sleep allows the brain to review and digest the day's events and information gathered in order to make sense of it and store it within our mental library, so make sleep a part of your revision schedule.

Stick to Quality Over Quantity:

Studies have shown that 80% of our results come from only 20% of our efforts; sometimes it is not about how much we study or how much harder we work: the quantity of hours revised, but more about the quality of our effort we put into a certain amount of hours and what techniques we use to revise within them. Consider what length of time best suits your concentration levels and build a plan from there; 10 minutes studying, 10 minutes break and then 10 minutes studying again may work best for you, keeping your brain active and alert.

Be Kind To Yourself

After each revision session give yourself a small reward such as a walk in the park, a coffee with friends or the latest episode of your favourite TV series. You have earned it, so go for it.

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