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The Decision Making section assesses your ability to make logically sound decisions and judgements using complex statistical information within a short period of time.

In total, there will be 29 questions with a time limit of 31 minutes to complete this whole section; there will be questions with the option of four answers but one correct answer and other questions requiring you pick which 5 statements should have the answers ‘yes’ or ‘no’ put next to them. The questions will include visual information such as diagrams, graphs, charts and tables and you will be provided with access to an on screen calculator and a physical whiteboard and pen for working out calculations.

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All the questions will be independent and not related to each other; the problems in Decision Making will test problem-solving ability and can be categorised into the following.

A table listing the question types in the decision making section of the UCAT ANZ

How does this relate to being a doctor or dentist?

Good decision making is based on the foundations of effective problem solving skills, as a doctor or dentist, people will come to you for help in solving a variety of their problems and you will therefore be required to make quick decisions based on, sometimes limited, information while weighing up the risks and uncertainty of any possible outcomes.

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Here we have collected the 5 best Decision Making Revision Tips just for you, to successfully get you through.

What is the Whiteboard and Pen for?

You will be provided with a wipe clean board and pen, of some sort, on the day of your UCAT ANZ; it is a good idea to start using one of these during your revision and practice time so to form the habit of using it for the real test. These are provided to you as tools to help calculate answers and for any other working out you feel will help you reach the correct answer.

What is a Venn Diagram?

Venn diagram show the overlapping of the subject in question which allows for you to pick out which elements are related and linked helping you judge which is the correct answer. Drawing these on your whiteboard using the given information within the question really can help in drawing a conclusion as to the right answer, we suggest you start to use this method of working out the answer as early as possible.

What are the chances?

You will need to have a firm understanding of probability principles as some of the questions within this sub-test will require to solve simple probability equations. Make full use of the online calculator which you will be given access to on the day of the real exam; practise using an online calculator and have a go at solving as many probability question during your revision as possible. We have a great bank of these questions built into our UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course with exactly the same type of online calculator as the real thing.

Are you honest with yourself?

Do you know where your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to this sub-test section? Think about which question types you find most difficult or where you struggle the most within this section and focus more revision time on this area. Within our UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course we have performance monitoring software which identifies your strengths and weaknesses for you while providing constructive feedback in order for you to maximise revision productivity and high scoring potential.

What is the game plan?

Get to know the different types of questions within this sub-test section as your approach to accurately answering these different question types need to be effectively performed to achieve the highest score. Revising the logical, argumentative, probability, Venn diagram and yes/no type questions will all aid in bettering your final chances of achieving your dream of getting into medical or dentistry school.

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