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We have launched a new Timing Statistics performance metric for your UCAT ANZ Medify mock tests. It provides a more intuitive visualisation of your time management so you know exactly how you are performing. Let’s take a closer look...

Where are the new Medify UCAT ANZ Mock Timing Statistics?

You will find your new UCAT Mock Timing Statistics in your Medify UCAT ANZ account in the ‘Simulate’ section:

Screenshot of Medify's UCAT dashboard, highlighting where to find the online UCAT mock exams.

Then select which mock exam you would like to attempt from the list on the right of your screen, seen below:

Screenshot of Medify's online UCAT course

Once you’ve completed your selected Medify mock exam you’ll then be able to view all your timings and scores for each question just like the picture below:

Screenshot of Medify's new UCAT mock timing statistics

Why is Medify's new UCAT ANZ Mock timing statistics feature useful?

The UCAT ANZ Mock Timing Statistics will let you compare your time-per-question data across all sections of your mock exams and gives you a comparative view of the average time Medify users take to reach a correct answer. 

Your weaknesses can easily be spotted via this new feature that shows your exact strengths and weaknesses, providing you with the data you need to set yourself realistic goals to improve your scores.

Let’s look at an example of how the new Medify UCAT Mock Timing Statistics feature reveals important insights into your UCAT ANZ performance.

Screenshot of Medify's new UCAT Mock exam timing sttistics feature

In the timing statistics above for the situational judgement section, you can intuitively see that most of the questions were solved within 10 seconds, with only a few questions taking 20 seconds or longer to solve. Given that you have ~22 seconds for each situational judgement section question, this timing statistics shows you that you can pace yourself to read the passage and solve the questions more carefully. You may even have some time to double-check some answers. 

This will allow you to minimise the number of incorrect and partially correct answers, most of which were rushed and solved within 10 seconds. You can also easily identify your weaknesses by focusing on reviewing the questions which took 20 seconds or longer to solve, noting that only 50% (4 out of 8) of these questions were correctly answered.

You can apply this approach to other sections, using the table below as a guide on how long on average you should spend on each question in different sections of the UCAT ANZ.

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