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Learn more about the most/least drag-and-drop questions for the SJT & get more practice with the best UCAT ANZ preparation course from Medify Australia.

What Are the Most/Least Drag-and-Drop Questions?

The majority of questions in the Situational Judgement Test section of the UCAT ANZ involve assessing the appropriateness of an action or the importance of a consideration. For these questions, you are asked to select from four possible options with varying degrees of appropriateness or importance.

A recently added question type involves selecting the most appropriate and least appropriate actions from three options.

Can You Show Me an Example?

Let’s look at an example from Medify’s Online UCAT ANZ Course.

An example of the most/least drag-and-drop question in the SJT section of the UCAT

In this scenario, what Petra has disclosed is a very serious matter and requires involvement of a senior supervisor. Hence, the second option represents the most appropriate action. The least appropriate action would be to keep the student’s behaviour and violent disposition secret, as it may compromise the safety of patients and other students.

Once you have decided on the most and least appropriate actions, answer the question by clicking and dragging each option to the correct box.

Solution for a most/least drag-and-drop question in the SJT section of the UCAT

How Can I Get More Practice?

There are usually only four questions of this type in the UCAT ANZ but you should still do your best to prepare for them to get the maximum possible UCAT ANZ score. To get more practice, head over to Medify’s Online UCAT ANZ Course. There are 200 scenarios of this type, all with video solutions. 

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