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So you sat the UCAT ANZ 2019 but didn’t do as well as you were hoping. Don’t be hard on yourself. The UCAT ANZ is an aptitude test where you are compared to the best of the best of the best, it is purposely made difficult and challenges even the candidates that scored within the 90th percentile.

Retrieve your UCAT ANZ scores from your trash folder and use them to your own advantage. Do not give up. Due to already sitting the UCAT ANZ this year, you will most definitely know what to expect next year, with the aid of having a record of where you need to improve. Just take a different approach to how you prepare and revise for UCAT ANZ 2020.

The UCAT ANZ 2020 does not take place until winter of next year but the more practice you put in, the better prepared you will be for the real exam. The longer you spend on revising the UCAT ANZ, the more time your long-term memory will have to build upon your already developed aptitude abilities. This will strengthen each area of your brain that each section of the UCAT ANZ requires to successfully score in the highest percentiles. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious right now? Didn’t quite make the percentile you need? Or just starting out? Please don’t worry, head over to our UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course and we’ll get you signed up to guide you through this whole process step-by-step. 

We have a bank of over 10,239 questions, a decision-making section and 8 full mock exams and 18 mini-mock exams; we even give you performance feedback too. 

We’ve been lending a successful helping hand since 2009. Medify’s here to support you, just reach out to us.

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