Set Targets to Succeed at Your UCAT ANZ

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Why set goals? Antoine de Saint Exupéry once said “A goal without a plan is just a wish” so wanting a higher UCAT ANZ score may remain a dream if you don’t set tactical steps to put into action and reach your ultimate UCAT ANZ goals.

Here are three reasons why you should set goals towards improving your UCAT ANZ scores

#1 A target with a dart in the bullseye.

Helps you slowly beat the UCAT ANZ:

The most successful entrepreneurs, athletes and celebrities all set goals to not only compete against the best but against themselves too.  The only way entrepreneurs succeed in business, athletes win competitions and celebrities become more famous is by constantly reviewing their previous performances. Evaluating how well past goals were met, how they could do it better next time and resetting their goals a little bit higher each time.

This can work for bettering your UCAT ANZ scores too. If you do a set of 44 Verbal Reasoning questions and only get 15 correct, set a target goal of 20 and keep at it until you get it. Once you meet that goal, evaluate how you might have achieved it and then reset the goal to 25 correct answers. Be determined and commit to your goals- see where you can end up.

#2 A target with two darts missing the bullseye. A magnifying glass is pointed towards the target.

Helps focus your UCAT ANZ revision:

In order to set yourself SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and trackable goals, you first need to know where your weaknesses are. Medify’s new UCAT ANZ Mock Timing Statistics are perfect for identifying where your focus should be because it lets you compare your time-per-question data across all sections of your mock exams and gives you a comparative view of the average time Medify users take to reach a correct answer. 

Therefore, set goals in the areas you need to improve upon this will inevitably help you focus your UCAT ANZ revision and eventually reach your SMART goals.

#3 An alarm clock

Helps with UCAT ANZ revision time management:

Goals need dedicated time to be achieved. Setting yourself goals means you have to be organised in working towards achieving them. Therefore, managing your time effectively and getting the most out of every UCAT ANZ revision session. Be realistic with how much time you need to achieve each small goal. Write your revision session in your diary just as you would an important appointment, show up for it on time, commit to it and see it through to the desired result.

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