The UCAT ANZ 2019 Interim Exam Statistics Are Here



The UCAT ANZ 2019 exam statistics have been published. This means you can finally find out what your scores are worth, how well you performed compared to all the other UCAT ANZ 2019 candidates and if you have met the required scores for entry to your dream medical school.

For your convenience we have collected the data and put it into eye catching colourful easy to read tables below or you can find the official publication here.  

Each cognitive subtest, including the situational Judgement section, has a scaled score range between 300-900 with a range Total Score, combined across the Verbal Reasoning section, Decision Making section, Quantitative Reasoning section and Abstract Reasoning section, between 1200-3600.

A table summarizing the UCAT ANZ 2019 interim exam statistics.

The next table displays the decile rank taken from the Total Score of UCAT ANZ candidates. Every decile shows the collective exam performance, not including the Situational Judgement section, of a 10% representative of candidates. The higher the decile, the better the percentile and your chance of getting into a great medical school.

A table showing he scaled score cut-offs for 1st to 9th deciles in the UCAT ANZ 2019 exam.

But what exactly do the overall scores mean?

  • Candidates with a collective scaled score of 2830 achieved 90th percentile; this percentile is normally required for acceptance onto undergraduate medical degrees.
  • The UCAT ANZ 2019 cognitive subtests scaled score had a maximum of 3530 with a mean of 2481.
  • The Situational Judgement section had a maximum score of 759 with a mean of 592.

More performance statistics will be published in September but for now, good luck from all of us at Medify, we really hope you achieved the percentile you need.

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