The UCAT ANZ and Non-Medical Courses In Australia And New Zealand



Preparing for and sitting the UCAT ANZ can open up doors for a number of non-medical courses in Australia and New Zealand. Here we review what they are and how the UCAT ANZ is used in the admissions process.

What other courses require the UCAT ANZ and how important is it?

The table below summarizes which non-medical courses in Australian and New Zealand require you to provide a UCAT ANZ score as part of the admissions process and how the score is used for invitation to the interview and final selection.

A table showing the UCAT ANZ requirements for invitation to the interview and/or final selection for non-medical courses in Australia and New Zealand.

* Percentage values are not specified in the bracket when the exact weighting is unknown. For invitation to the interview, it is assumed that academic requirements (pre-requisite subjects and minimum ATAR) have been met.

In addition to the above, the Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) program at La Trobe University requires the UCAT ANZ only for applicants with evidence of higher education study.

You should note that UCAT ANZ scores are only valid for the year, meaning that all applicants are required to take the UCAT ANZ in the year of application.

While not all universities offering dentistry and/or oral health require the UCAT ANZ, you can see that preparing for the UCAT ANZ opens up doors for a number of non-medical courses, and the majority of medical courses, in Australia and New Zealand. Check out these articles to help you improve your UCAT ANZ scores.

After you sit the UCAT ANZ, you should think more tactically. If your UCAT ANZ score is not so great, look for the courses that place less emphasis on the UCAT ANZ or do not require it at all.

On the other hand, if you have a high UCAT ANZ score, maximise your chance of success by applying to courses that value it highly.

Good luck!

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