The UCAT ANZ Revision Roadmap

UCAT Revision Tips


A UCAT ANZ Revision Roadmap is actually just that: a map planning out your revision to make sure you cover everything and do not get lost along the way. In this article, we have picked out all the best key points to include on your UCAT ANZ Revision Roadmap at the different stages of preparation.

Things to prepare today for your UCAT ANZ:

Learn the different subtests in the UCAT ANZ and the various types of questions within each subtest.

Familiarise yourself with the timings for each question.

Read about the techniques used for each style of question and prepare by using them in untimed conditions first and then timed.


Practise each section individually to make yourself comfortable and confident with each section. Do not try to know it all at once.


Think about doing Mocks and Past Papers in exam conditions with the same rules as the official exam. We recommend using online platforms with courses imitating the real exam such as our Online UCAT ANZ Course.

What to do one month before your UCAT ANZ:

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Look at past questions and learn about the five sections included in a UCAT ANZ and think about what kind of problems are presented.

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Read the Good Medical Practice published by the General Medical Council as it informs you about the different duties of healthcare professionals and how they should act and respond to different scenarios; this will immensely help with answering the Situational Judgement section.

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For each section, read articles on techniques for each part. E.g. identify and search for keywords in Verbal Reasoning as these techniques will help improve both accuracy and speed.

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Practise questions, preferably online in timed conditions where feedback is given too, like our Online UCAT ANZ Course. We recommend focusing on each section individually at this stage.

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Keep Practising as 1 month sounds long, but it is the perfect amount of time to spend practising the UCAT ANZ and time can go by fast. Therefore, you need to make sure you spend it wisely. Set small goals such as reaching a certain score by a certain date or time.

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The actual exam is 2 hours with no breaks in between; we suggest, in order to get used to this condition, you have a go at least 2 hours every day of practising and revising. This will build your mental stamina against burning out halfway through the actual exam.

What to do one week before your UCAT ANZ:

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At this point, you will know the format of the exam inside out and have practised the questions enough times to get used to the timings but do not stop revising and timing yourself.

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Keep doing mocks and past papers in exam conditions to get the most out of this experience. Prepare an environment where you cannot be interrupted for two consecutive hours and do each section consecutively without breaks. Use the on-screen calculator not a physical one as you will not have access to a physical calculator. If you do not have a whiteboard for Decision Making/ Quantitative Reasoning, feel free to use a paper and pen.

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After each mock exam, look for your weaknesses such as did you not manage to finish Abstract Reasoning, got many questions wrong on Verbal Reasoning and aim to improve in those areas while still studying others.

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Repeat the last tip, really focusing on identifying anything you did wrong and how you can improve it. Remember mistakes are there for you to learn from. You are doing well.

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You can see the scores you are achieving and your progression while improving; the scores will let you know how well you are doing compared to other candidates. Hopefully, this will allow you to gain confidence for the actual exam.

What to do the day before your UCAT ANZ:

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If you are feeling stressed about your exam, be kind to yourself, do something relaxing, such as taking a bath, a walk or meditate and make sure you get enough sleep for your exam the next day.

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Make sure to check your venue, route, time etc. Be well organised by getting up an hour earlier than normal so you can take your time and arrive early without feeling flustered, rushed or stressed.

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Sleep early and do not eat anything which may upset your stomach the next day, toilet breaks during the exam will cost you your answering time.

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Prepare adequate clothing for your exam, you might feel too cold from the air conditioning. Make sure you feel comfortable while sitting in front of a screen for 2 hours.

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This one is so important we have put it in twice: make time to relax and be kind to yourself. Do things that may help you release some stress such as listening to music, singing, hang out with friends but not too late. Taking the exam with a positive and happy mindset is essential.

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