UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements: What are They? Who Can Apply?

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Are you planning to take the UCAT ANZ this July? If you have any disabilities, medical conditions, special educational needs or temporary injuries, you might be thinking about access arrangements or perhaps you’re not sure what kind of access arrangements you’re entitled to. In our latest blog, we hope to answer some of your queries to help you better prepare for the day of the test. Read on to find out more...

UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements for Students with a Disability:

The official UCAT ANZ website contains information on UCAT ANZ access arrangements. Here, we take a look at answers to some key questions.

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What are UCAT ANZ access arrangements?

If you’re a student with any disabilities, medical conditions, special educational needs or temporary injuries, you’ll want the reassurance that you can take the test comfortably and you’ll be pleased to discover that UCAT ANZ is committed to ensuring everything runs as smoothly for you as possible.

Access arrangement can include four different versions of the test:

  • UCATSEN: You get 25% extra test time
  • UCATSA: You get five minutes of rest break before each section
  • UCATSENSA: You get 25% extra test time and five minutes of rest break before each section
  • UCATSEN50: You get 50% extra test time

Special arrangements can be made for a separate testing room and access to medical items or food/drink items that are not included in the UCAT ANZ Comfort Aid List (you should check out these items that do not need pre-approval first). 

All your access arrangements must be planned, with UCAT ANZ requiring that you apply for approval before you book a test. Be aware that testing without access arrangements in place will not be accepted as a mitigating circumstance.

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Am I eligible for UCAT ANZ access requirements? How do I apply for access arrangements?

To find out if your condition or circumstance entitles you to an access arrangement, fill out the UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements Application. You can do this after having registered a Pearson VUE account, and you should also have your candidate ID handy (this is in the format of “ANZ” followed by 8 digits, visible on the top left of Pearson VUE account dashboard).

It will take about five working days for the application to be processed. Therefore, you should not leave this until the UCAT ANZ registration deadline is close. Note that the access arrangements application for the UCAT ANZ was open from Monday 3rd February 2020 and the deadline is Monday 4th May 2020 5pm AEST. 

If you do not receive an outcome of your UCAT ANZ access arrangements application within five working days, you should email ucat-anz@monash.edu to find out the status of your application.

Be aware that extra time will not be granted if your difficulties are primarily caused by English not being your first language, or if they only relate to handwriting issues.

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What evidence do I need for UCAT ANZ access arrangements?

To prove that you require access arrangements for the UCAT ANZ, you will need to provide supporting documentation as an evidence. This documentation must clearly state your diagnosis, information on your condition and what impact this will have for sitting the UCAT ANZ. The practitioner providing the documentation needs to include a statement on what UCAT ANZ access arrangements are necessary and appropriate for you.

Before you supply your documentation, please check that the documentation is:

  • Provided by a registered health practitioner.
  • Includes official letterhead of the practitioner including the registration number, title, name, contact information, date and signature.
  • No more than a year old (does not apply to learning disabilities - see below).

If you have a learning disability, your educational psychologist’s report can be up to three years old. If you’ve obtained your report over 3 years ago, this is still valid as long as you provide a recent letter from an educational psychologist which says that the report is still relevant and applicable to your current context.

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