UCAT ANZ Concession Scheme: What is it? How to Apply for it?

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Today on the Medify blog, we’re talking about the UCAT ANZ Concession Scheme. We’re looking at what it is and who’s entitled to it, in a bid to help you find out if you can get some monetary help ahead of the test. 

Let’s face it, educational fees can be expensive and any help you’re entitled to can make the process of applying for the UCAT ANZ even more appealing. 

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What is the UCAT ANZ concession scheme?

The UCAT ANZ normally costs A$299 (unless you’ve registered late or will be taking a test outside Australia and New Zealand). Australian candidates in financial need may be able to sit the UCAT ANZ for a reduced price of A$199, thanks to the UCAT ANZ concession scheme (note: late booking fee still applies). Sadly, New Zealand candidates and candidates sitting the UCAT ANZ outside Australia are not eligible for concession.

It’s easy to apply for a concession voucher. The process won’t take long and applications will be processed fast (within around 2 working days).

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Who is eligible for the UCAT ANZ concession scheme? What evidence do I need to provide?

If you’re wondering if you’re eligible for the Concession Scheme, the UCAT ANZ site has all the information you need. Essentially, you must hold or be listed as a dependant on a current, signed Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC). 

You must also provide a copy of both sides of the HCC or PCC card as evidence while applying for the concession scheme. If you are providing a copy of the HCC or PCC card of someone else, make sure you receive their consent, as the cards display their personal information.

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How do I apply for the UCAT ANZ Concession Scheme?

Ideally, you should submit your concession application prior to booking your UCAT ANZ test. However, if you’ve already booked your test and paid the full test fee, you will need to cancel your booking, receive a refund, submit your concession application, then book your test again.

You can submit your concession application through this link. The UCAT ANZ concession scheme application was open from Monday 3rd February 2020 and the deadline is Monday 4th May 2020 5pm AEST. You will be required to enter your name, email address, address and UCAT ANZ ID number (this is in the format of “ANZ” followed by 8 digits, visible on the top left of your Pearson VUE account dashboard. You will need to create your Pearson VUE account to obtain your UCAT ANZ ID if you haven’t already.

Once you submit your concession application, you will receive an email within two working days that contains your concession voucher number. You can then book your UCAT ANZ and enter your concession voucher number when you get to the payment page. 

If you book your UCAT ANZ test by 11th May 2020, you will be entitled to a reduced price of A$199, but an additional A$75 booking fee applies for bookings made between 12th-18th May 2020.

If you do not receive an email within two working days after submitting the UCAT ANZ concession application form, you should email  the UCAT ANZ office at ucat-anz@monash.edu. Any queries can be emailed to this address too. 

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