How is the UCAT ANZ Score Generated?



Do you want to know exactly how the UCAT ANZ is scored? Read this article to find out.

The scaled scores are derived from the raw scores and range from 300 to 900. The higher the performance, the greater the score. The scaled scores of the first four sections are summed to give a total score, while the Situational Judgement section is scored separately.
An example of scores achieved by a candidate in each section of the UCAT ANZ and the total score.
The total score will be used by the medical schools for invitation to the interview and/or final selection. The Situational Judgement section score may or may not be used.

Average Scores for the UCAT ANZ 2019:

Below are the mean scores for the first four sections and the total average score for the UCAT ANZ 2019. The mean score for the Situational Judgement section was 592 in 2019.

Mean section score and mean total score for the UCAT ANZ in 2019.

The below table shows how final scores translated to percentiles in 2019. For example, if you got a total score of 2800 last year, you would be in the 90th percentile, or top 10% of all UCAT ANZ candidates.

Decile rank for the UCAT ANZ 2019

IMPORTANT Points You Should Know:


Stay the same:

Questions asked later on in the exam do NOT change depending on your previous answers.


No pit stops:

There will be NO rest breaks in between questions. If you wish to go to the toilet you can do so but the exam will continue without you and you will lose valuable answering time.


Good news:

You can return to previous questions, alter your answers and flag them, so it will be easier to find and review them.


More good news:

You CANNOT get negative marks for incorrect answers so never leave questions unanswered, as even guessing might give you a few more marks.


Even more good news:

All questions within a given subtest are awarded equal marks. However, it is possible to achieve partial marks in certain questions in Situational Judgement and Decision Making if the given answer is partially correct.

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