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If you haven't even begun to think about university entrance exams, you aren't alone. 

After all, it’s important to ace those high school exams if you’re hoping for an admissions offer to medical school. But that’s not enough...

It’s also important to score as high as you possibly can on the University Clinical Aptitude Test, also known as the UCAT ANZ. This blog post will discuss why you might choose to enrol in an online class to kick-start your UCAT ANZ preparation.

Ace the UCAT ANZ with Medify’s live UCAT classes

UCAT question tutorials: prep for UCAT ANZ 2021 the right way

Not sure where to begin your UCAT ANZ prep? 

Perhaps you’ve spent a few minutes on the official UCAT ANZ website, as everyone should, and have learned a bit about the test format before doing an internet search for ‘UCAT ANZ prep’ that led you to Medify.

Then you notice the excellent preparation materials and the fact that 1 in 2 students choose Medify. You see many resources that you could pursue independently, but you’d prefer to take a formal prep course. That’s where Medify’s Live UCAT classes come in.

A directed option with expert UCAT instruction

When you're used to conventional schooling, a class with a live class Instructor will provide you with additional motivation and peace of mind. 

  • A structured, Instructor-led UCAT curriculum will help you learn 
  • Make sure you understand the materials correctly, first time
  • Clear your schedule of other distractions and show up at a specific time and place
  • Join a community of like-minded peers and learn

You’ll soon realise that the purpose of your study is not the same as in a chemistry or biology class in school. There, you are meant to learn facts and concepts, and later apply or demonstrate your knowledge. To prepare for a standardised test such as the UCAT ANZ, you must learn specific test-taking skills, because it is fundamentally different from a regular school exam. 

Who teaches Medify’s Live UCAT classes?

The webinars are taught by leading UCAT ANZ experts. Every teacher has:

  • Years of test-prep teaching experience
  • A UCAT score in the top decile
  • Knowledge of the common mistakes that UCAT ANZ students make

Each Instructor has already helped thousands of UCAT students to perform at their highest level.

Why Jane can’t help

If you love Jane Austen and fancy yourself a reader with strong comprehension skills, you could still find yourself frustrated on the Verbal Reasoning section of the UCAT ANZ test. 

Your class Instructor will help you come to terms with the speed required to score points on tricky UCAT inference questions, which require you to answer 44 questions about good-sized passages in just 21 minutes!

  • Live, professional guidance ensures you learn the right way to approach the UCAT ANZ the first time.
  • Avoid falling into bad habits that might come from doing loads of practice questions without understanding how they work. 
  • Your Instructor can help you avoid question traps that might even have snared them when they first approached the UCAT.

Tailored UCAT ANZ homework

In addition to guided breakdowns of the goal and mechanics of each question type, you will benefit from 260 exclusive homework questions that don’t appear in any other Question Bank or mock exams. 

These specifically written and hand-curated homework questions follow logically from the topics that you’ll see in each of your live webinar sessions. They reinforce learning points from each of the live webinars and also focus on the highest yield areas of the exam, i.e., the types of questions that score the most points on UCAT ANZ Test Day.

Real-time Q&A

What are the advantages of a live webinar over an independent course?

You can ask questions during class. 

  • A Teaching Assistant will be on hand for every live session
  • The Teaching Assistant will clarify any difficulties you encounter so you can revise with the right knowledge and build the right habits that lead to higher UCAT ANZ scores
  • Help you approach any question you could face, no matter what the test throws at you

No exam surprises

Medify staff are always researching and discussing any new changes that the UCAT ANZ Consortium makes to the test itself.

  • Your Instructor will be apprised with up-to-the-minute information about the 2021 UCAT ANZ 
  • We show you the latest new question types for VR and SJT for the 2021 exam, so you won’t get caught out on test day

Webinar recordings for unlimited revision

Each Live UCAT class will also be recorded, so that you can play sections back whenever and wherever you like, as many times as you want. 

You can isolate what you most need to brush up on as you revise and practise. The objective is to make sure you always know how to handle every question that you might be asked. 

Maximise your UCAT ANZ scores

The ultimate reason for taking the Live UCAT class is that it will help you score your absolute best on the test. 

We know how to help you achieve your best performance on test day. As your instructors know, preparing for UCAT ANZ involves more than just answering questions. They’ll share tips & tricks and other useful things to know before and on test day.

Full details of Medify’s webinar schedules and how to register for the 2021 Live UCAT classes

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