What Does the Largest UCAT Question Bank Mean For You?

The team at Medify set out to answer one question: ‘will doing more UCAT questions make a difference to your score?’

With over 160 million UCAT practice questions answered last year, our data set was difficult to analyse, but ultimately we found that students who answered more UCAT practice questions performed better. 

Medify’s UCAT question bank: 100% larger and 100% better

  • Now with over 20,000 UCAT questions! That is, by far, the largest UCAT question bank in the world. In fact, working without rest, at 100 questions per day, it would take you over 200 days to complete our question bank.
  • Around 6000 new and rewritten VR questions based on text passages that mimic the depth, complexity, and variety of articles used in the real UCAT exam
  • 21 Full Mocks and 40+ Mini-Mocks 

Want to give it a try? Have a go at our free UCAT practice questions.

Why attempt more UCAT Questions?

1. You familiarise yourself with the exam environment

Stress is almost unavoidable on exam day, and reducing your cognitive load is essential. Taking more mocks under exam conditions helps you familiarise yourself with the test, and familiarity means less stress. 

Want to learn to deal with stress better? Try our UCAT mindfulness tips!

With every question answered, you learn more about the tiny details of the exam. This could be the tricks for types and subtypes of questions, or how you personally respond to certain sections.

 2. You reduce mistakes

Some UCAT candidates do not manage to translate their hard work into good results. This is often due to silly mistakes or slip-ups. Moments of inattention when rushing can often cause you to lose marks in this way.

The good news is that the more questions you do... the more mistakes you make. What better way to learn than from getting it wrong once?

Plus, with our review function, you gather data about your performance as you practice, so you can gradually hone your skills.

 3. You learn time management

In the UCAT, everyone has the same arch-enemy: the time limit. It can be difficult even for academically gifted candidates get the maximum possible marks.

Verbal Reasoning, for example, requires candidates to read 250-400 word articles and respond accurately in an average of 28 seconds. Lingering on a question will mean losing marks later in the test.

As you attempt mock exams, you learn time-management strategies that will save you valuable seconds on the day. 

4. You get the edge on the competition

All UCAT candidates’ scores are divided into a percentile ranking, which represents the proportion of students you have outperformed. For example, 85th percentile means you've scored better than 85% of the test-takers. This system compares your score to the other students in your year. 

By attempting UCAT mock questions on a regular basis and rectifying any mistakes, you will see your score increase against the average. We even have a graph to show you where you stand (needless to say, your confidence grows along with your position). 

Oh, and one important thing: 1 in 2 UCAT takers use Medify, so our data is the most accurate and complete available.

A screenshot of Medify's UCAT timing statistics

What does Medify offer now?

Medify's UCAT ANZ Online Course features: fully updated in

How to extend your UCAT plan

A lot of students are extending their UCAT subscriptions to give themselves more time to try our new questions, mock exams and videos tutorials.

To extend your access:

  1. Log in to your Medify account and visit the UCAT access page

Medify's UCAT access page

  1. Go to the UCAT course and then click ‘Buy an extension’.
Extending Medify UCAT Course access

  1. Select your option, click ‘Buy’ and make a payment.
Paying for extending Medify's UCAT Course subscription


Imagine that getting into medical school is the top of a long flight of stairs. With each mock and each practice question answered you go up a step. Every mistake you learn from is actually a step forward too. 

The main takeaway is this: if you tread purposefully and consistently, you eventually get to the top!  

Find out more about our UCAT question bank.


Good luck! 

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