Use Medify's UCAT ANZ Timed Practice Mode To Your Full Advantage

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Did you know that Medify’s UCAT ANZ Online Course features a timed practice mode? In this blog, we show you how to use the timed practice mode to improve your UCAT ANZ scores.

What Is Medify’s UCAT ANZ Timed Practice Mode?

Medify’s UCAT ANZ timed practice mode allows you to choose how many questions you want to practise and to answer them within UCAT ANZ based time-limits, just as you would in a section of the actual UCAT ANZ test.

You can select a group of 10, 20, 30 or 40 questions, and choose one of the five UCAT ANZ sections to practise. The timed practice mode will keep on dispensing new questions that you’ve not attempted before. Once you’ve gone through all the questions, it will go back to the beginning and distribute random questions that you would’ve seen before.

How Do I Access Medify’s UCAT ANZ Timed Practice Mode?

1. Go to our UCAT ANZ course website and click the 'Log in' button on the top right. If you have not signed up for our UCAT ANZ course, click 'Buy Now' on the top right and complete the purchase to access our UCAT ANZ course that features over 20,000 questions, 21 full mock exams, 40+ mini-mock exams, comprehensive tutorials and performance feedback.

A screenshot of Medify's UCAT ANZ course showing the 'Log in' and 'Buy Now' buttons

2. Once you’ve landed on the Online UCAT ANZ Course webpage, click “Start Practising”.

A screenshot of Medify's UCAT ANZ course showing the 'Start Practising' link.

3. Select the 'Time-Limit” option and choose how long you want to practise for.

A screenshot of Medify's UCAT ANZ course highlighting the 'Time-Limit" option.

4. Choose the question type you would like to practise with and click 'Start Practice'.

A screenshot of Medify's UCAT ANZ course showing how to choose the question type and start practising.

5. Start your practice session and repeat as many times as you want.

A screenshot of Medify's UCAT ANZ course showing the start of a practice session.

6. Once you’ve finished a timed practice session, you will be able to review your performance. You can see how many questions you’ve answered correctly (and incorrectly) and how long each question took. You will be able to click on the incorrect questions to review them. Explanations are provided for answers to all questions.

How Does Medify’s UCAT ANZ Timed Practice Mode Help me?

The UCAT ANZ only allows you to spend between 14 to 64 seconds per question on average, depending on the section. During the early stages of your UCAT ANZ preparation, untimed practice sessions may be useful for familiarising yourself with the different types of questions and solving the questions correctly. However, as you become more prepared and the UCAT ANZ test date approaches, you should start using the timed practice mode to get the most out of the UCAT ANZ preparation course.

The timed practice mode gives you a true reflection of your performance and allows you to identify your weaknesses more accurately. With untimed practice, you may look at the results of your practice sessions and be satisfied that you’ve answered a certain proportion of questions correctly. However, with timed practice, you quickly realise that it is just as important to solve your questions quickly, as well as correctly.

Under timed conditions, you are able to simulate the condition of the actual UCAT ANZ test and this trains you mentally to handle such pressures. Furthermore, timed practice sessions prompt you to apply educated guessing when needed, which you may be more reluctant to do under untimed conditions.

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