What do I do after I have booked my UCAT ANZ?

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If you haven’t yet registered for the UCAT ANZ, you can do so through the UCAT ANZ official website, bearing in mind that the booking will close on 17th May.

Here, we present five top tips for getting yourself fully prepared for UCAT ANZ.

#1 A cartoon style illustration of the 2020 UCAT ANZ official guide.

Familiarise yourself with the UCAT ANZ:

"Know Thy Enemy" is a classic line from Sun Tzu's The Art of War. While the UCAT ANZ is not exactly a war in a traditional sense, there is no doubt that it is an intense and high-stake test. 

Even before you start preparing for the UCAT ANZ, you should be asking yourself several fundamental questions. How long is the UCAT ANZ? What do different sections seek to test? What types of questions are there in each section? What official resources are available? How much time do I have per question? 

#2 A calendar used for planning UCAT ANZ preparation, with a small clock on the right bottom.

Design a UCAT ANZ revision timetable:

Planning a solid revision schedule for yourself is a great idea and can really make a difference to how well you perform on the day of the test. It organises you to make the most out of your time, helps to keep you on track, breaks down revision into more manageable parts, and reminds you of important dates. 

Just don’t forget to schedule in some breaks so that you don’t burn out before the actual UCAT ANZ.

#3 A book laid open

Reading is UCAT ANZ knowledge:

Read the Good Medical Practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia, published by the Medical Board of Australia and Good Medical Practice, published by the Medical Council of New Zealand. They inform you about what it means to be a good medical doctor and provide guidelines on how doctors should act and respond in different scenarios. Although the UCAT ANZ is an 'aptitude test', reading these guides will immensely help you with answering Situational Judgement Test section questions in the UCAT ANZ. 

As a bonus, they provide insights and information about the career you have chosen to follow and gives you a head start on preparing for medical school interviews.

You should also check out the rest of our blog where we have revision tips and handy hints for the UCAT ANZ.

#4 A piece of memo with a key drawn on it, stuck onto a wall.

UCAT ANZ posters and post-it notes:

Making posters of key points for each section of the UCAT ANZ and displaying them where you can see them everyday, can really aid with memory and getting to grips with what you need to remember. Post-it notes are great as reminders on your noticeboard of keywords and any parts of your revision you feel needs closer attention.

#5 A screen showing Medify's UCAT ANZ abstract reasoning section practice question, with a keyboard and a mouse in front.

UCAT ANZ Online Prep Courses:

The real UCAT ANZ is fully computerised and mastering the test system will confer a huge time advantage for you. Revising with the aid of a trusted and verified UCAT ANZ Online Prep Course will help you to fully prepare for every element of the actual UCAT ANZ; courses such as our Online UCAT ANZ Course simulates the real test getting you used to it before the big day.

We have extensive video tutorials, a huge bank of 20,000+ questions, 21 unique full mock exams, 40+ mini-mock exams and question walkthroughs. What’s more, we provide feedback on where you need to improve to get the best score you can achieve on the day.

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