What Do I Do With The Provided Equipment In My UCAT ANZ?

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During your UCAT ANZ you will be provided with earphones and a mini whiteboard and pen; knowing how to competently use them can help ensure you confidently perform at your full potential.

A headphone

Limit distractions during your UCAT ANZ exam:

At the exam centre, there are likely to be many other people taking different exams and headphones can help block out noise to reduce any distractions made by other students and it isolates you, aiding you to focus and concentrate.

When wearing your headphones, make sure to adjust the size to a comfortable fit; if your ears start hurting during the exam from the weight, do not be afraid to take them off. You are allowed to do so during the examination.

Taking the headphones off during the 1-minute explanations at the start of every section may help refresh your mind and give your ears a short break. You could practise using these sort of headphones at home while studying our UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course to find out what is best for you.

Prefer earplugs? You can request them but make sure you do this before the exam starts. Some exam centre may just give you a set without having to ask.

A whiteboard and a marker provided at the UCAT ANZ test.

Space to think & calculate your UCAT ANZ questions:

Depending on which centre you sit your exam, you will be provided with a laminated A4 sheet OR a mini whiteboard and pen OR paper and pen; if you want to find out, you can contact your exam centre in advance.

You will mainly need this for the Decision Making and Quantitative Reasoning sections. Therefore, during the exam, you should aim to use the space provided as efficiently as possible; you can erase whiteboard pens, but it would be a waste of your time. A technique you can use is to divide the space into smaller rectangles e.g. 2x5 so you have 10 small rectangular areas. You can then use each area for 1-2 questions. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from wasting space by writing all over the board.

Additionally, it will make it easier to look back at your workings if you think you have made a mistake; you can even use it when you review questions at the end. This procedure can take some getting used to; if you feel anxious, consider practising this technique when revising for the UCAT ANZ.

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