Which Medical Schools Require the UCAT ANZ?



Not sure which medical schools require the UCAT ANZ? Or maybe you are wondering how certain medical schools bear weight to each of their entry requirements. Here are the answers, especially for you.

A lot of medical schools combine three different elements of the application process to help choose the most suitable candidates for medicine or dentistry.

These elements include:

1️⃣ Academic Performance (ATAR/IB/OP or GPA)

2️⃣ UCAT ANZ Score (Some or all sections)

3️⃣ Performance at Interview

Below, you will find a table containing the information for thirteen of Australia and New Zealand’s best medical schools. 

NOTE: The above information is correct at the time of publication.

Once you have read through the above table you can make a realistic and wise choice of which schools to apply to or you could wait until you know what UCAT ANZ score you have obtained and grade achieved for your ATAR before applying. This table shows you that there is more than one route to get into medical school, pick the route that is right for you.

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