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Since the announcement that UCAT ANZ will replace the UMAT from 2019, Medify has already helped thousands of students in Australia and New Zealand to improve their UCAT ANZ scores for achieving success in medical and dental school admission. Here, we review why Medify is such a popular name in the field of UCAT ANZ preparation, and why you should choose Medify’s Online UCAT ANZ Course.

Medify has unparalleled experience and expertise in UCAT ANZ preparation

A hand with a firm grip on a spanner. Medify has a firm grip on the UCAT ANZ.

While the UCAT ANZ has only recently been introduced in Australia and New Zealand, it has been around since 2006 in the UK (formerly known as UK Clinical Aptitude Test, or UKCAT). Since 2009, Medify has supported 1 in 3 medical school applicants in the UK and this allowed us to continually refine and innovate our UCAT preparation course for over a decade. 

Data from tens of thousands of students who have worked through our online UCAT course helps us to fine-tune the learning processes and contents that help with solving different types of questions across all five sections (VR, DM, QR, AR, SJT) of the UCAT ANZ. 

This is all thanks to our amazing multidisciplinary team of doctors, medical students, academics, consultants and professional software programmers. We collectively contribute to provide the best of Medify’s services to get you where you want to be.

Medify has the largest online bank of UCAT ANZ questions

A target with a dart in the bullseye and three darts missing the bullseye.

The UCAT ANZ has five sections of questions with numerous subtopics. To ensure that you have enough practice materials to address any areas of weakness sufficiently and improve your performance, we’ve created over 20,000 quality questions across all of these sections and subtopics available to our users.

Our question bank not only features carefully designed questions that simulate the real UCAT ANZ questions they undergo constant updates to reflect the latest trends and changes in the exam too, and adding extra practice questions.

All questions come with detailed explanations and performance feedback, which allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses to enable you to be more targeted in your approach to learning.

Mock UCAT ANZ exams that are just like the real thing

A screen showing Medify's UCAT ANZ abstract reasoning section practice question, with a keyboard and a mouse in front.

Medify has 21 full-fledged and unique mock exams that mimic the actual exam scenario you will face on the test day. When combined with our accurate exam client replica that is kept up-to-date with the keyboard shortcuts, on-screen calculator and question presentation, our mocks are as close to simulating the real exam as can be and you won’t face any surprises on the test day. 

Use these mocks as single-shot preparation tools to prepare and to help predict your UCAT ANZ scores. By leveraging the power of our datasets gathered from performances of previous cohorts of students, Medify is able to make predictions on your performance in the real exam based on your performance within Medify mock exams.

Furthermore, we provide you with 40+ single-section mini-mocks for when you are short of time or want to focus on a particular section.

We support UCATSEN with extra time available for instructions and questions just like in the real exam. 

Medify provides a unique and effective UCAT ANZ learning approach

A plane flying across the globe, with 24/7 text box next to it. Medify UCAT ANZ course is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Our Online UCAT ANZ Course covers all five sections of the UCAT ANZ using a unique learning approach that involves a variety of effective learning tools and features. You are guided through the following steps are taken to enhance, reinforce and consolidate your learning experience:

Learn the ins and outs of the UCAT ANZ with numerous detailed and insightful tutorials from the experts themselves on how the test is structured and how each part should be handled. Through our 180+ video tutorials and 230+ text tutorials that feature comprehensive, actionable advice for VR, DM, QR, AR and SJT based on deep insights from our experts, you will soon be boosting your accuracy and speed for each section and its many subtopics. You will be able to view worked examples to enable you to further refine your question technique for the questions you’ll encounter in the real exam and really get to know every aspect of the UCAT ANZ through this process.

Practise as much as you need and want. Theory will not take the exam for you but practice makes perfect. Practise, identify your weaknesses and you will see yourself improve; you can practise and repeat sections and questions, while continuously gaining feedback with the help of:

  • A question bank with over 20,000 questions, all with detailed explanations and performance feedback highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to effectively improve and be fully prepared for the real thing.
  • Customisable timed and untimed quizzes that allow you to take control of your practice with the abilities to mix topics, focus on a single section or an area within a section which you find particularly challenging.

Simulate the UCAT ANZ with our powerful replica that closely mimic the real exam. The UCAT ANZ is less intimidating if you have done it before. With our quality-assured 21 full mock exams and 40+ mini-mock exams with time track and predicted scores, you will be more than ready to take on the real UCAT ANZ.

Review your performance with a variety of innovative features that help you to learn most effectively and make the most efficient use of your limited time:

  • Trackers and statistical insights that highlight your strengths and weaknesses to make better use of your time. What you can measure, you can grow.
  • Based on a decade of gathering performance data, you can compare your mock scores with other Medify users, past and present.
  • Activity calendar allows you to make the most of the time you have left - establish streaks, avoid missing days, and see how long you have until your test. 

All these features are accessible wherever and whenever you can get online with your PC. Get instant access to our online resources and start immediately on payment - no need to wait for a course to start. Choose how you want to study and fit around your schedule with 24/7 access for the duration of the subscription.

Medify has earned itself a reputation as a trusted and respected name in the field of UCAT preparation

Over the past decade, Medify has firmly established itself as a trusted and respected name in UCAT preparation. Our UCAT ANZ course has been praised for its close resemblance to the actual UCAT ANZ exam (both in terms of the questions asked and the on-screen test environment), engaging learning experience and innovative learning methods.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Medify has over a thousand reviews on a third-party external reviewing platform (Verified Reviews™), with a score of 9.6/10 and an overwhelming majority of students expressing satisfaction with our UCAT preparation course.

A screenshot from Verified Reviews showing that Medify has a score of 9.6/10.

Furthermore, Medify fully understands that not everyone can afford to pay a large sum of money to get tutored on their journey to medical school. Medify was created to address this issue and our Mission Statement is commitment to social mobility and democratising access to medical schools. We do this without sacrificing the quality of content.

Two hands with some cash notes on top. Medify offers its UCAT ANZ course at an affordable price.

Medify’s flexible and affordable pricing allows you to tailor your purchase to your study needs and budget and effectively levels the playing field by providing everything you need for the UCAT ANZ including tutorials, the largest bank of questions anywhere, expertly written mocks and time-saving performance analysis helping you find your vulnerabilities. Regardless of social background or financial situation, we aim to provide you with a robust online preparation platform at an affordable price.

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