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Last updated: 10/04/2019

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Ollie – Economics Student, University College London
‘I always thought I wanted to do medicine, since my parents were doctors themselves. However, I did a 2 week shadowing placement with several different doctors, and I soon realised that the sight of blood was a no go. From then on – I didn’t look back, and am now a student in economics.’

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The Positives of Being a Doctor:

  • Respect: Doctors are well respected among all professions.
  • Satisfaction: The use of your knowledge to directly help people and be responsible for their care.
  • Knowledge: The understanding the workings of the human body.
  • Salary: The potential to earn a reasonable salary.
  • Job Security: Opportunities to change specialities or work abroad.



(+1 minute for instructions)

Number of questions

Verbal Reasoning

21 minutes

44 questions on 11 passages

Decision Making

31 minutes


Quantitative Reasoning

24 minutes


Abstract Reasoning

13 minutes


Situational Judgement

26 minutes

69 on 20 scenarios

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