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Revision Techniques

Medify's 5 Top Tips on UCAT ANZ Timing


Time during any exam is limited, but the UCAT ANZ is definitely more time pressured than most exams due to doctors, dentists and other medical roles having to possess the skills and abilities of effectively thinking and working under extreme time demands. The UCAT ANZ and your score will determine your suitability and abilities in fulfilling the role of a doctor, dentist or other medical practitioner. Here we look at how to make the most out of the limited time allocated, to ensure you fully complete every answer and succeed in gaining a high final score.


It Is Never Too Late To Start Preparing For Your UCAT ANZ


The earlier you start preparing for your UCAT ANZ the better, as it gives the knowledge more time to sink in. But it is possible to learn all the necessary information you need to successfully pass your UCAT ANZ in a very short period of time. Here are some quick tips to help you along the way.


Getting The Best Out Of Your UCAT ANZ Revision


There is revising and then there is really revising. The type of revision that really makes an impact. Don't know what we are talking about? Keep reading. Medify's got this covered for you, to get you all the way through to those high scores.



Got Your UCAT ANZ 2019 Scores? What Now?


Your first course of action should be to celebrate, you have just sat the hardest exam there is and survived to tell the tale. Let us hear you say out loud “Well done, Me”. But now you're thinking 'what do my scores actually mean and what can I do with them?' Medify’s got this covered, just keep reading.


The UCAT ANZ 2019 Interim Exam Statistics Are Here


The UCAT ANZ 2019 exam statistics have been published. This means you can finally find out what your scores are worth, how well you performed compared to all the other UCAT ANZ 2019 candidates and if you have met the required scores for entry to your dream medical school.


How to Make Sense of Your UCAT ANZ 2019 Scores


Congratulations! You have just sat, completed and survived the hardest and most challenging test there is within the medical education system. But what do your scores mean? Let’s find out…


UCAT ANZ Section Advice

The UCAT ANZ 2019 SJT Change to Scoring


Due to the UCAT ANZ 2019 being the first year of introduction, there is a lack of official data to which scores would normally be compared and placed into certain groups. Therefore, for 2019 only, the UCAT ANZ 2019 Situational Judgement Test (SJT) Section will be scored differently. But what is this change?


Medify’s Guide To The UCAT ANZ Quantitative Reasoning Section


This section assesses the ability to critically evaluate the information presented in a numerical form, designed to test your mathematical ability. Any good at quick mental maths?


Medify’s Guide To The UCAT ANZ Situational Judgement Section


This section measures your capacity to understand real-world situations while identifying the critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them. How good is your judgement?