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Revision Techniques

Medify's 5 Top Tips on UCAT ANZ Timing


Time during any exam is limited, but the UCAT ANZ is definitely more time pressured than most exams due to doctors, dentists and other medical roles having to possess the skills and abilities of effectively thinking and working under extreme time demands. The UCAT ANZ and your score will determine your suitability and abilities in fulfilling the role of a doctor, dentist or other medical practitioner. Here we look at how to make the most out of the limited time allocated, to ensure you fully complete every answer and succeed in gaining a high final score.


UCAT ANZ 2020: How Do You Learn Best?


There are four main ways we as humans learn; knowing the way you learn best can give you an optimum chance of success at your UCAT ANZ by tailoring your revision to your learning style.


Medify’s Bonus Top Tips For UCAT ANZ Success


Needing Top Tips for a Top Final UCAT ANZ Score? Give our Bonus Top Ten Tips a go. They may just be the tips you have been needing to push your score that bit further towards success.



Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, The UCAT ANZ Is Tough, But So Are You


As it’s Valentine’s Day we thought we would get into the spirit of the occasion and remind you how amazing you are, just in case you have forgotten. The UCAT ANZ is difficult, just like a career in medicine is difficult and sometimes we can feel like it is all too much. So here are some words of wisdom and motivation from a group of final year UK medical students we managed to catch on their coffee break, to remind you why medicine is for you and why self-love is so important when revising for your UCAT ANZ.


UCAT ANZ and UCAT UK are the Same Exam


The UCAT ANZ has replaced the UMAT. It’s new to Australia and New Zealand but it’s not new to Medify nor the UK. So you're in safe hands. We’ve prepared students for the UCAT since 2009 with our online UCAT ANZ course and question bank. We can do the same for you too.


Why Choose Medify’s UCAT ANZ 2020 Online Course Over Other Courses?


Since 2009, Medify has supported 1 in 3 medical school applicants. This is all thanks to our amazing multidisciplinary team of doctors, medical students, academics and professional software programmers. We collectively contribute to provide the best of Medify’s services and support to get you where you want to be.


UCAT ANZ Section Advice

Medify’s Guide To The UCAT ANZ Quantitative Reasoning Section


This section assesses the ability to critically evaluate the information presented in a numerical form, designed to test your mathematical ability. Any good at quick mental maths?


Medify’s Guide To The UCAT ANZ Situational Judgement Section


This section measures your capacity to understand real-world situations while identifying the critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them. How good is your judgement?


It Is Not About Increasing Reading Speed But Improving Your Reading Comprehension


Many candidates who sat the UCAT ANZ Verbal Reasoning Subtest, for the first time, reported to believe reading faster would get them better marks; while reading faster can help, it is not the most important or effective technique. If it was it would be taught on the curriculum of all nations and at all levels.