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Revision Techniques

The UCAT ANZ Revision Roadmap


A UCAT ANZ Revision Roadmap is actually just that: a map planning out your revision to make sure you cover everything and do not get lost along the way. In this article, we have picked out all the best key points to include on your UCAT ANZ Revision Roadmap at the different stages of preparation.


Nutrition While Studying For UCAT ANZ


The UCAT ANZ is just one of the essential steps for a successful application to Medical and Dentistry School. You want to make sure you get the most out of your study sessions and perform to your full potential on the day of your exam. Eating and drinking healthily can really help to reach that full potential, provide you with more energy and aid focus, all while making you feel fabulous.


Medify's 5 Top Tips on UCAT ANZ Timing


Time during any exam is limited, but the UCAT ANZ is definitely more time pressured than most exams due to doctors, dentists and other medical roles having to possess the skills and abilities of effectively thinking and working under extreme time demands. The UCAT ANZ and your score will determine your suitability and abilities in fulfilling the role of a doctor, dentist or other medical practitioner. Here we look at how to make the most out of the limited time allocated, to ensure you fully complete every answer and succeed in gaining a high final score.



Retaking the UCAT ANZ? Maximise Your Scores with Medify's UCAT ANZ Online Course


So you sat the UCAT ANZ 2019 but didn’t do as well as you were hoping. Don’t be hard on yourself. The UCAT ANZ is an aptitude test where you are compared to the best of the best of the best, it is purposely made difficult and challenges even the candidates that scored within the 90th percentile.


It’s Never Too Early to Start Studying for Your UCAT ANZ Exam


The UCAT ANZ 2020 doesn't take place until winter of next year but the more practice you complete, the better prepared you will be for the real exam. The longer you spend on revising the UCAT ANZ, the more time your brain will have to store your new skills and improvements into your long-term memory while strengthening each area of your brain that each section of the UCAT ANZ requires to successfully score in the highest percentiles.


What is the UCAT ANZ 2020?


Decided to apply for medical or dentistry school? Picked your choice of universities and courses? Sent off your application? Now you have to sit the UCAT ANZ. But what exactly is the UCAT ANZ?


UCAT ANZ Section Advice

It Is Not About Increasing Reading Speed But Improving Your Reading Comprehension


Many candidates who sat the UCAT ANZ Verbal Reasoning Subtest, for the first time, reported to believe reading faster would get them better marks; while reading faster can help, it is not the most important or effective technique. If it was it would be taught on the curriculum of all nations and at all levels.


Medify’s Guide To The UCAT ANZ Verbal Reasoning Section


Verbal Reasoning assesses your ability to critically evaluate and review information presented in a written form, which is a vital skill to possess as a doctor and dentist. Have you got what it takes to fulfil this required quality?


Medify’s Guide to the UCAT ANZ Abstract Reasoning Section


The Abstract Reasoning Section assesses the use of convergent and divergent thinking to link the relationships between given information, testing your spatial reasoning and awareness to identify patterns within abstract shapes surrounded by distracting and relevant content.