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Revision Techniques

Give Your Eyes a Break: Effective Ways to Prepare For the UCAT ANZ Away from the Screens


We are increasingly spending time in front of various devices including phones, laptops and tablets. This became more pronounced with the COVID-19 and various lockdown measures. Here, we provide great tips on preparing for the UCAT ANZ away from the screens.


Boosting Your Discipline While Preparing For The UCAT ANZ


With the UCAT ANZ exam dates approaching, now is the time to take your revision to the next level of focus and dedication. We understand it can be hard to push yourself for this final journey. In this blog article, we provide you with several ways to boost your discipline while preparing for the UCAT ANZ.


Make The Most Out Of Your UCAT ANZ Revision With Medify's UCAT Diagnostic Test


Have you ever wondered if all the learning and practising you did as part of your UCAT ANZ preparation was worth it? Medify has a UCAT diagnostic test that allows you to assess your baseline UCAT ANZ scores, which can be compared against performance in mock exams in the future. In this blog article, we show you how you can access this feature and how you can benefit from it.



Live Updates: COVID-19 and Medical School Admissions in Australia and New Zealand


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt for medical school admissions in Australia and New Zealand. Here, we provide you with a compilation of official updates relevant to medical school admissions in Australia and New Zealand to make sure you are all up-to-date. Since the situation can change rapidly any time, we are monitoring various information sources closely to update this page. So stay healthy, check this post regularly and continue with your academic studies and preparation for admission tests.


The UCAT ANZ Begins in One Week: Essential Things For You To Check


The UCAT ANZ begins on 1st July 2020. We thought it would be timely to go over essential things you should note for your UCAT ANZ to avoid any unwanted surprises on the test day.


UCAT ANZ and COVID-19: Maximizing Your Performance In the Exam Centre In Current Climate


On 11th May 2020, Pearson VUE announced that face masks need to be worn while taking a test at a Pearson VUE-owned test centre. This is in addition to existing health and safety measures. Third-party test centres are encouraged to implement these measures too. Here, we provide a summary of the requirements to keep yourself and others safe, plus tips to bring out the best performance from you during the UCAT ANZ.


UCAT ANZ Section Advice

UCAT ANZ Decision Making Tips: Venn Diagrams


The UCAT ANZ decision-making section contains six different types of questions. For success in the UCAT ANZ, it is vital you know how to solve each type of question. Here, we provide you with essential tips for solving questions involving Venn diagrams.


UCAT ANZ Quantitative Reasoning Tips: Currency Exchange and Speed / Acceleration


The UCAT ANZ quantitative reasoning section contains a mixture of different question types and it is a great idea to familiarise yourself with tackling each subtype of questions to maximise accuracy and efficiency. Here, we provide some tips for solving the currency exchange and speed/acceleration questions that come up often in the UCAT ANZ.


Top Tips for Improving Mental Maths Skills for the UCAT ANZ Quantitative Reasoning Section


The Quantitative Reasoning (QR) section of the UCAT ANZ assesses your ability to solve numerical problems quickly. While no extensive prerequisite knowledge is assumed and the mathematical manipulations are limited to the basics, we often find that even the most mathematically proficient students struggle to perform well or not as well as they think they should in this section. This is because of the limited time available, where you have to answer 36 questions in 24 minutes, that’s only 40 seconds per question.