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UCAT ANZ Keyboard Shortcuts/Calculator

Our keyboard shortcuts mirror the real UCAT ANZ exam:

  • Alt+P for previous question
  • Alt+N for next question
  • Alt+F to flag the current question

Please note, our mocks use Alt + Letter (or Option + Letter for Macs) for keyboard shortcuts, just like the UCAT test centres.

However, in the official practice materials, the keyboard shortcuts may not work in some browsers on a Mac. If you find this to be a case, you might try Control + Option + Letter.

You can also use your keyboard to select answers. For example, if you think the answer is ‘C’, you can press ‘C’ on your keyboard. Drag-and-drop questions must still be answered using a mouse.


  • Designed to mimic the real UCAT ANZ exam centre layout and functionality.
  • Alt+C to reveal the calculator.
  • Number keys in number pad (if num lock is on).
  • Can use number keys above the keyboard.
  • Backspace for ON/C.

Please let us know if you have problems with the shortcuts.