How To Deal With Disappointing Mock UCAT ANZ Scores

Are your Medify mock UCAT scores letting you down? Do you need more motivation for your UCAT preparation?

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Remember: this is not your real and final score

During the early stages of UCAT preparation, your mock exam scores can help accurately pinpoint your weaknesses. They help you to plan your revision and focus your efforts going forward.

If you are at an advanced stage of your UCAT preparation, there may be additional reasons as to why you've achieved disappointing results in some of your mocks. You might've had a suboptimal test environment, been in a bad condition, or made silly mistakes that you normally don't make.

Don't worry. It is better to be making mistakes during a UCAT practice test, rather than in the real exam. Make all the mistakes now, learn from them, and succeed in your real UCAT exam.

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Grow a thick skin and a determined attitude

In order to succeed, we must first continuously fail; Alexander Graham Bell failed a countless amount of times before successfully inventing the telephone. He did not quit; instead he learned from his mistakes and built upon them: researching, experimenting and using the trial and error method.

Build resilience by being determined to succeed no matter what and allow your hunger of achieving your dream of medical school drive you until you do reach the scores and outcome you desire.

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Time to seek more help?

Are you finding that your mock scores are not improving despite going through thousands of UCAT practice questions? If so, you should carefully go through our extensive video tutorials, included in the Online UCAT ANZ Course.

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