UCAT ANZ 2020 Results & Statistics

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Overall Scores

The mean total scaled score (VR + DM + QR + AR) until 5th October 2020 was 2527. This represents:

  • No change compared to the 2020 interim score.
  • 1.9% increase compared to the 2019 final score.

Final percentiles:

UCAT ANZ 2020 final overall score

To check your exact percentile, head over to the official UCAT ANZ test statistics page and scroll down to the 'Percentile Look Up'.

Situational Judgement Test Scores

The mean SJT score was 592.

Final percentiles:

UCAT ANZ 2020 final SJT decile

This table can be used to work out how well you performed in the SJT section. For example, if your SJT score is 677 or higher, you will be placed in the 9th decile, meaning you are in the top 10% of all candidates. If your SJT score is 646, you will be in the 7th decile, with your percentile score likely to be around the 75th percentile mark.

What Does This Mean for Medical School Admissions?

Compared to 2019, a higher score is required to achieve a higher percentile in 2020. Usually, a UCAT ANZ score of 90th percentile is required for entry into medical programmes, unless you are have a very high ATAR or applying from a rural or Indigenous background.

However, do not lose your hope, as there are direct entry and provisional entry programmes that do not require the UCAT, including James Cook University and Griffith University.

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