What is the GAMSAT & How Can You Prepare For It?



The GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admissions Test) is a computer-based test used for selection into a number of graduate-entry healthcare professional programs around the world.

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Which Universities and Programmes Use the GAMSAT?


  • Australian National University: Medicine
  • Deakin University: Medicine
  • Flinders University: Medicine
  • Griffith University: Medicine
  • Macquarie University: Medicine
  • The University of Queensland: Medicine
  • The University of Melbourne: Medicine, dentistry and optometry
  • The University of Notre Dame (Fremantle and Sydney): Medicine
  • The University of Sydney: Medicine, dentistry and pharmacy
  • The University of Western Australia: Medicine, dentistry and podiatric medicine
  • The University of Wollongong - Medicine


  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland: Medicine
  • University College Cork: Medicine
  • University College Dublin: Medicine and veterinary medicine
  • University of Limerick: Medicine and physiotherapy


  • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: Medicine (international health)
  • American University of the Carribean: Medicine


  • Jagiellonian University Medical College: Medicine
  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences: Medicine


  • Oceania University of Medicine: Medicine


  • Duke-NUS Medical School: Medicine

United Kingdom

  • Cardiff University: Medicine
  • Keele University: Medicine
  • Plymouth University: Medicine and dentistry
  • University of Exeter: Medicine
  • University of Liverpool: Medicine
  • St George’s University of London: Medicine
  • University of Sunderland: Medicine
  • The University of East Anglia: Medicine
  • Swansea University: Medicine
  • The University of Nottingham Medicine
  • Universities of St Andrews and Dundee in partnership with University of the Highlands and Islands (ScotGEM): Medicine
  • Ulster University: Medicine
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What is Being Assessed in the GAMSAT?

According to the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER), the GAMSAT is ‘designed to assess the capacity to undertake high-level intellectual studies in the medical and health professional programs’

The GAMSAT requires problem-solving, critical thinking and writing skills, as well as a grasp of biological and physical sciences. This is tested across three sections:

  • Section I: Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Section II: Written Communication
  • Section III: Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences

How Long is the GAMSAT? How Many Questions are There? 

  • Section I requires you to answer 47 questions in 70 minutes, including 6 minutes of reading time
  • Section II requires you to write two essays in 65 minutes, including 5 minutes of reading time
  • Section III requires you to answer 75 questions in 150 minutes, including 8 minutes of reading time

When Can I Sit the GAMSAT? How Can I Register?

The GAMSAT is offered twice a year. The GAMSAT dates for 2021 are:

  • 17-30/3/21 (March testing period)
  • 3-16/9/21 (September testing period)

You can register for the March 2021 GAMSAT now. Registration for September 2021 GAMSAT will open in mid-May 2021.

The registration fee is AU$515 / €341 / £268.

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How Long are GAMSAT Results Valid for? Can I Re-sit?

The GAMSAT results are valid for two years. You may sit the test an unlimited number of times.

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How Can I Prepare for the GAMSAT?

You will receive some GAMSAT practice questions upon registering for the test. You can purchase additional practice questions from the official ACER website.

For further information, refer to the GAMSAT information booklet 2021.

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