UCAT ANZ Can Be Used for Medical School Admission In The UK



The UCAT ANZ and UCAT (UK) are two names for one test that are identical in format and content. However, they are not always interchangeable. In this blog post, we cover the regulations around this.

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You can use UCAT ANZ results to apply to UK medical and dental schools

If you are a high school student in Australia or New Zealand, you may be interested in studying medicine in the UK for a number of reasons, such as studying at your dream university in the UK or wanting to work in the UK as a medical doctor after graduating.

You may also consider applying to both Australian/New Zealand and UK medical schools to maximise your opportunities for entry to a medical school.

If this is the case, you will be glad to hear that your UCAT ANZ scores can be used when applying to almost all medical and dental schools in the UK. Find out about the UCAT requirements of medical and dental courses in the UK. 

How do I send my UCAT ANZ results to UK universities?

You will need to fill in a form so that your UCAT ANZ score can be verified and sent to UK Universities.

A form will be available later in the year.

Don’t forget: your UCAT ANZ results are valid for only a year.
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Can I use UCAT (UK) results for applying to Australian and New Zealand universities?

Although the UCAT ANZ can be used for applying to UK universities, UCAT (UK) results are not accepted by Australian and New Zealand universities. Therefore, if you are a UK resident who is interested in applying to Australian or New Zealand universities, you will need to sit the UCAT ANZ.

You don’t have to be in Australia or New Zealand to sit the UCAT ANZ. There are a number of overseas test locations, including London.

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You can sit the UCAT ANZ / UCAT (UK) only once in a calendar year

You may be already familiar with the rule that you can sit the UCAT ANZ once a year. This rule applies to the UCAT (UK) too. You can sit the UCAT ANZ or UCAT (UK) only once in a calendar year. If you sit the UCAT ANZ and UCAT (UK) in the same calendar year, only the first result will be valid.

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