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Since our humble beginnings in 2009 we've been committed to social mobility and democratising access to medical school.

We provide everything you need for the UCAT: video tutorials, the largest bank of questions anywhere, expertly written mocks, and time-saving performance analysis helping you find your vulnerabilities.

All at an affordable price, available whenever and wherever your PC takes you.

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    10239 + Questions
    Tried-and-tested by UCAT candidates since 2009
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    8 Full Mocks and 18 Mini-Mocks
    With time tracking and predicted scores
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    9 Video Tutorials
    Experts walk through the UCAT structure and instructions for each sub-topic
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    Performance Feedback
    Highlights strengths and weaknesses and helps you prepare efficiently
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A Decade Of Experience

We have a decade of experience preparing UK students for the UCAT.

With that experience comes a decade of creating questions. A decade of gathering feedback. A decade of fine-tuning the Medify online course so that it can deliver the very best way to practise for the exam.

That’s a decade of helping students succeed with the UCAT.

Largest Online Question Bank

The UCAT has 5 sections of questions with numerous sub-topics.

We have 10,000+ quality questions across all of these sections and sub-topics available to our users, and this bank grows every day. More questions means you get more time-efficient and you can address any areas of weakness.

It’s pretty simple: the more questions you do - the higher the final UCAT mark you’ll get.

Unique Mock Exams

We have 8 fully-fledged and unique mock exams to take advantage of. Better yet, we are continuing to add more.

These mocks have been hand-crafted to have unique sets of questions to mimic the actual exam scenario you will face on the day. It is as close to simulating the real exam as can be.

Use these mocks as single-shot preparation tools to prepare and to help predict your UCAT scores.

Complete Performance Metrics

What you measure, grows.

That’s exactly what Medify can help do for your UCAT performance. We allow you to compare your performance metrics against the average, calculated based on a decade of gathering performance data.

This allows you to identify strengths & weaknesses to enable you to be more targeted in your approach, making the very best use of the limited time you have to study.

Instructional Video Tutorials

Learn the ins-and-outs of the UCAT with 9 video tutorials.

Hear from the experts on how the test is structured and how to handle each section with its associated sub-topics.

You can use these tutorials to hone your approach in answering the questions you’ll encounter in the real exam.

Affordable Pricing

The Medify UCAT course is rich with questions and features, available at affordable prices that level the playing field.

Tailor your purchase to your study needs and budget with our flexible pricing tiers.

We do this without sacrificing quality of content. The product’s features and quality of questions are second to none.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Choose how you want to study. Use the course wherever and whenever you can get online with your PC.

Get instant access to our online resources and start immediately on payment - no need to wait for a course to start.

Fit around your schedule with 24/7 access for the duration of the subscription.

Our Mission Statement

Medify is committed to social mobility and democratising access to medical schools.

We understand that not everyone can afford to pay a large sum of money to get tutored on their journey to medical school.

This is why Medify was created. Regardless of social background or financial situation, we aim to provide you with a robust online preparation platform at an affordable price.

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