UCAT replaces the UMAT
New to Australia, but not to us

The UCAT replaces the UMAT in deciding your chance of getting into medical school. It is an entirely different exam. You will face different questions and a very different test approach. Feeling nervous?

Don’t be. We’ve prepared UCAT (formerly the UKCAT) candidates since 2009 with our online course and question bank.

You won’t need to risk other rushed offerings on the market.

Medify can help you succeed.

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Answer on the computer

UMAT was a pen-and-paper test, but UCAT is a computer based test. You’re looking up, not down. You're using a mouse, not a pencil.

It’s not all computer-based though. You will have a laminated whiteboard to doodle maths sums and diagrams. You do get an on-screen calculator, but sometimes it helps to jot things down.

Far less time per question

In the UMAT, you had 3 hours to complete 134 questions across three sections. That equates to 80.4 seconds per question.

In the UCAT, you have 115 minutes to complete 233 questions across five sections. On average, that’s 29 seconds per question.

Speed of thought is what’s assessed in the UCAT.

Results straight away without delay

No waiting for UMAT results several months from when you sat it. Get your UCAT results the moment you finish the test and exit the testing cubicle.

Each year a trial group take the test before anyone else, and their results set the test's difficulty for that year. Your raw marks are converted to UCAT scores by comparing them with statistics about this trial group. That’s how the administrators provide your results as soon as you finish.

Pick your test day. Morning or afternoon?

In the UMAT, you had a day of testing, but only on one day in late July or early August.

For the UCAT, you can choose any day in July that suits you. Whether you're a morning or afternoon person, book a two-hour slot as soon as possible.

If you feel under-prepared, then you rearrange the date for later. But be careful, available slots at your local test centre can fill up, and you might have to travel a long way or miss out altogether if you leave it late!

We know that practice does make perfect

Practice prepares you for the worst outcome, so that you can achieve under stress. It seeks to help reduce test anxiety in a test that many take very seriously.

10,000 questions might seem like a lot, but we cover practically every question type, so that you feel as confident as one can be.

Practise efficiently by using performance metrics that highlight your strengths / weaknesses down to a sub-topic level. We have data from 10 years’ worth of students to generate predictive models for exam performance. Compare yourself to your UCAT peers or get a prediction on your final overall score.

Practise your way.

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