Medical schools in Australia and New Zealand and their UCAT ANZ requirements



UCAT ANZ requirements for medicine

The vast majority of direct entry or provisional entry medical programmes in Australia and New Zealand require you to sit the UCAT ANZ.

The table below summarises which Australian and New Zealand medical schools require you to provide a UCAT ANZ score as part of the admissions process and how the score is used for invitation to the interview and final selection.

Note that some universities offer more than one mode of entry (direct and graduate entry or provisional and graduate entry). In these medical schools, the UCAT ANZ is only required for direct or provisional entries.


UCAT ANZ required for interview invitation?

UCAT ANZ required for final selection?

Central Queensland University (provisional entry)



Charles Sturt University and Western Sydney University Joint Medical Program

Yes (100%)


Curtin University

Yes (40%)


Flinders University (direct entry)

No interview

Yes (10%)

Monash University (direct entry)


Yes (33%)

University of Adelaide

Yes (100%)

Yes (20%)

University of Newcastle and University of New England Joint Medical Program

Yes (100%)


University of New South Wales

Yes (50%)

Yes (33%)

University of Queensland (provisional entry)



University of Tasmania

No inverview


University of Western Australia (provisional entry)

Yes (100% for applicants that meet the academic threshold)

Yes (33%)

University of Auckland


Yes (15%)

University of Otago

No interview


* Percentage values are not specified in the bracket when the exact weighting is unknown. For invitation to the interview, it is assumed that academic requirements (pre-requisite subjects and minimum ATAR) have been met.

Applying tactically to medical schools

After you sit the UCAT ANZ, you should think tactically. If your UCAT ANZ score is not so great, look for the medical schools that place less emphasis on the UCAT ANZ. On the other hand, if you have a high UCAT ANZ score, maximise your chance of success by applying to medical schools that value it highly.

If your UCAT ANZ score is very low, you can apply to direct or provisional entry medical programmes at the following universities:

  • Bond University
  • Griffith University (provisional entry, including entry through the University of the Sunshine Coast BMedSc pathway)
  • James Cook University
  • The University of Sydney

These universities do not require you to provide a UCAT ANZ score as part of the admissions process.

For now, we strongly advise preparing as much as possible for the UCAT ANZ to maximise your chances for success. The UCAT ANZ can also open up doors for a number of non-medical courses in Australia and New Zealand.

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