BETT Awards Winners 2021

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What are the BETT awards?

The Bett Awards ceremony is a global “celebration of the inspiring creativity and innovation that can be found throughout technology for education.” It recognises companies that offer imaginative and well-designed education technology solutions.

Who won the 'Higher Education or Further Education Digital Services' category in 2021? 

Medify won, based on our Online UCAT Course, which uses specialised technology to provide students with the best learning materials, realistic exam simulations and actionable feedback on their progress. The response to this has been overwhelming, with 1 in 2 medical and dental school applicants in the UK, Australia and New Zealand choosing to use our services.

How is Medify changing the face of medical admissions?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to becoming a doctor or a dentist is the UCAT ANZ.

Students face enormous pressure to perform well and it can only be sat once in a year.

Preparation is vital, yet many under-privileged students lack the resources and support to succeed.

This year, we’ve released 20,000+ UCAT ANZ questions for the same price, creating the largest question bank in the world. They complement the extensive tutorials and personalised feedback system.

In addition, students now get innovative UCAT Skills Trainers, which develop certain key subskills, such as speed reading for inference. Traditionally, students have underperformed in certain parts of the exam, such as the Verbal Reasoning section. This software is designed to change that.

Students who like to learn face to face can also take advantage of our Live UCAT Classes, led by experts who really take the time to show them the way forwards.

Is it all working?

Newham Collegiate, a state school in a deprived area of London, received over 100 medicine and dentistry offers this year. This is a remarkable achievement and it's great to see Medify's platform making a direct difference to the lives of these pupils!

What will Medify do going forwards?

Winning the BETT awards is certainly an honour and it has spurred us on to keep creating value for our students.

Our CEO, Dr Sajeev Shanmuganandarajah, has been through the medical admissions process himself and is singular in his objective: to make medical and dental school accessible for everyone. 

With that in mind, we will continue to offer a world-beating product at an affordable price, as well as to provide everything students need to get into a career in medicine or dentistry. 

The upshot is that we all get more happy and knowledgeable doctors and dentists from every background and more smart students will get the break they deserve!

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