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At Medify, we are constantly improving our Online UCAT ANZ Course to bring you the best learning experience. We are excited to announce a new series of video tutorials and question walkthroughs, which is a brand new feature for 2020.

What New Features are Available?

Medify’s new series of video tutorials and question walkthroughs is an exciting addition to our Online UCAT Course. You will find the following bitesize videos to maximise your UCAT score:

  • 180+ animated video tutorials section by section
  • Practical exam strategies and detailed techniques
  • Useful examples to help you better prepare for the exam
  • 3,100+ step-by-step video explanations of mock and mini-mock paper questions

These videos complement our question bank of over 20,000 questions, detailed tutorials and performance analytics. They will be valuable for cementing your understanding of key concepts, especially if you are a visual learner.

All videos are now available to students who have purchased Medify’s Online UCAT Course, as well as students who are making new purchases.

A video from Medify’s Online UCAT ANZ Course being displayed between two hands.

Visual Learning to Aid Your UCAT Preparation

Medify is devoted to improving the learning experience of our students. Rather than telling you what to do, the new videos clearly illustrate how to solve UCAT questions. Through this visual learning process, you can benefit from increased engagement and knowledge retention, all leading to more effective and efficient learning.

In addition, accessible video tutorials and explanations boost the learning of students who prefer visual learning styles.

Make Full Use of the New Video Tutorials

After you log in to Medify’s Online UCAT Course, go to the ‘Learn’ tab and click on the topic of your choice to access the new video tutorials.

A screenshot of Medify’s Online UCAT ANZ course, with a red box drawn around the ‘Learn’ section.
A screenshot of Medify’s Online UCAT ANZ course, showing a list of tutorials for the Verbal Reasoning section.

You can make use of 50+ hours of detailed video tutorials with expert guidance on how to answer each section of the UCAT.

A screenshot of Medify’s Online UCAT ANZ course, showing a video that covers True/ False/Can’t Tell type of questions.

You can change the speed of video playback by clicking on the cogwheel button at the bottom right of each video. To display (or hide) subtitles, you can click on the 'cc' button on the bottom right.

A screenshot of Medify's video tutorial, highlighting the cogwheel icon for adjusting the video playback speed and the cc button for displaying or hiding subtitles.

Currently, there are 180+ in-depth animated UCAT tutorial videos to boost your UCAT revision:

  • Decision making tutorials (44 videos)
  • Verbal reasoning tutorials (32 videos)
  • Quantitative reasoning tutorials (47 videos)
  • Abstract reasoning tutorials (17 videos)
  • Situational judgement tutorials  (41 videos)

Make Full Use of the Explainer Videos

After you sit a mock exam or a mini-mock exam in Medify’s Online UCAT Course, you will be able to access 3,100+ targeted videos for step-by-step explanations of all the questions. 

Review all the questions that you have answered incorrectly to find out where you’ve gone wrong. 

You can also review the questions that you’ve answered correctly to see if there is a more efficient time-saving way to answer them.

A screenshot of Medify’s Online UCAT ANZ course, showing video and text explanation for a Venn diagram question.
Medify’s UCAT helping hand in a blue circle with a yellow smiling emoji

Do you need help with preparing for the UCAT ANZ? Please don’t worry, head over to our Online UCAT ANZ Course and we’ll get you signed up to guide you through this whole process.

We provide you with extensive video tutorials, a huge bank of 20,000+ questions, 21 unique full mock exams, 40+ mini-mock exams and question walkthroughs, as well as performance feedback.

We’ve been lending a successful helping hand since 2009. Medify is here to support you, just reach out to us.

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