5 Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time During the UCAT ANZ

This UCAT is extremely time pressured. Each second saved means the chance to review more questions at the end.

Have you started your UCAT prep yet?

Saving time in literally any way you can is beneficial. Master these shortcuts to start shaving seconds off your average!

1. Alt+P to return to a previous question

Need to return to a previous page? Use this shortcut to go back and check or change an answer.

2. Alt+N to quickly move onto the next question

Finished a question or want to skip to the next? Use this to quickly move forward from question to question but remember to answer any skipped questions; it may be best to flag questions like these. Continue reading to find out how to flag a question.

Got basic questions about the UCAT ANZ, such as cost and time etc.? Read our UCAT ANZ overview.

3. Alt+F to flag a UCAT question for later

Use this to flag the question; the flag icon at the top of the page will change colour when you flag the question.

When the time comes to actually answering them, select 'Review Flagged' This can help you pick up last-minute marks.

Online UCAT calculator

4. Alt+C to bring up the online UCAT calculator

You can operate the calculator with a mouse, but it's quicker to use the keyboard.

Use the following shortcuts:

  • Backspace for ON/C
  • Use number keys to enter numbers
  • You can respectively use (+,-,*,/) for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division.

We also have an article to help you master the calculator: UCAT ANZ calculator: 8.5 ways to master your primary QR tool.

5. Use your keyboard to select the answers

E.g. if you think the answer is ‘C’, you can press ‘C’ on your keyboard - faster than using your mouse!

The drag-and-drop questions must still be answered using a mouse.

Please note that our mocks use Alt + Letter (or Option + Letter for Macs) for keyboard shortcuts, just like the UCAT test centres.

However, in the official practice materials, the keyboard shortcuts may not work in some browsers on a Mac. If you find this to be a case, you might try Control + Option + Letter.


Shortcuts are just one way to save time in the exam; if you're trying to work out how to save yourself time across the board, check out our UCAT ANZ timing article.

If you haven't already, prepare for the UCAT by learning about UCAT ANZ preparation and sections in detail.

Then move on to a structured UCAT course. Our Online UCAT ANZ Course is the number 1 choice for UCAT preparation worldwide.

Good luck!

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