How To Use The Keyboard In The UCAT ANZ

With the UCAT ANZ being extremely time pressured, we thought we would lend you a hand by giving you 5 easy shortcuts to effectively make full use of all that exam time; knowing keyboard shortcuts can help minimise the time you waste using a mouse.


Alt+P to return to a previous UCAT ANZ question:

Need to return to a previous page? Use this shortcut to go back and change an answer, which is allowed.

A signpost showing the Alt+P shortcut that can be used in the UCAT ANZ to return to a previous page.


Alt+N to quickly move onto the next UCAT ANZ question:

Finished a question or want to skip to the next? Use this to quickly move forward from question to question but remember to answer any skipped questions; it may be best to flag questions like these. Continue reading to find out how to flag a question.

A signpost showing the Alt+N shortcut that can be used in the UCAT ANZ to quickly move onto the next page.


Alt+F to flag a UCAT ANZ question for later:

Want to answer a question later and be able to quickly find it? Use this to flag the question; the flag icon at the top of the page will change colour when you flag the question and when the time comes to actually answering them, select “Review Flagged” to review only the questions you flagged. Reviewing these flagged questions can be extremely useful in checking your answers and picking up marks if you have time left over at the end of a section.

Alt+F can be used in the UCAT ANZ to flag a question for review later


Alt+C for the online UCAT ANZ calculator:

Need a calculator? Actually you just might do for the Quantitative Reasoning section; use this shortcut to pop-up the on-screen calculator. The model is based on a T1-108 calculator, consisting of a number pad allowing for functions such as division, multiplication, addition, subtraction and square roots. It can store 1 number in its memory too, just press M+ to add a number, M- to remove it and MRC to recall it. You can use a mouse to use this calculator, but it is useful to know how to use it with the keyboard and is a lot quicker depending on how practised you are.  

UCAT ANZ calculator


Still unsure about that UCAT ANZ online calculator?

  • Use number keys to enter numbers
  • Backspace for ON/C
  • You can respectively use (+,-,*,/) for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division.

A new shortcut for 2021

From 2021, you can use your keyboard to select the answers in the UCAT ANZ. For example, if you think that an answer to a question is ‘C’, you can press ‘C’ on your keyboard, which can be faster than using your mouse to select the answer. Note that the drag-and-drop questions must still be answered using a mouse.

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