COVID-19 And Medical School Admissions - Keep Calm And Carry On With Your Study And UCAT ANZ Preparation



With the current COVID-19 situation, many uncertainties loom ahead for the rest of 2020, including timelines and processes related to medical school admissions. Regardless of the context, we strongly advise and encourage you to not take your foot off the accelerator and keep working hard towards your goals.

Why should I carry on full steam with my study and preparation?

While we are not trying to make any assumptions or predictions on COVID-19, it is true that the lockdown measures in Australia and New Zealand have been effective in controlling the number of new cases, leading to more optimistic outlooks. In line with this, we believe that the external examinations or the UCAT ANZ will continue this year.

Therefore, it is very likely that your grades and UCAT ANZ score will “matter”, although we cannot rule out the possibility that COVID-19 may have some impact on the guidelines and timelines for different medical schools. In this context, it makes sense to carry on with your school study and UCAT ANZ preparation as you normally would, to the best of your efforts. 

Update: On 20th May 2020, an official announcement was made that the UCAT ANZ will go ahead in July 2020.

I’m finding it hard to keep my foot on the accelerator.

We fully understand that the stress and anxiety stemming from uncertainties and social isolation would have an impact on you. You are not alone, and all potential applicants would be impacted by COVID-19 in various forms. 

However, the ability to push on during difficult times is a hallmark of a resilient individual, and resilience is a trait that medical education and career demands. There will be many occasions during your study and career when you face difficult challenges, and overcoming a significant challenge even before you enter a medical school will give you the confidence that you have what it takes to succeed. 

Furthermore, remember that a lot of what you are studying now builds foundation for university studies, so knowledge of organic chemistry and maturity developed from situational judgement scenarios will be put to good use.

On the other side, we understand that to keep going is easier said than done. So we have compiled some practical tips on how you can maximise learning at home, as well as how to deal with the uncertainties. Check out these after reading this article.

Rely On Official Sources Of Information, Not Rumours Or Speculations

As students tend to spend more time online, it becomes easier to pay attention to various rumours or speculations like, “The UCAT ANZ will be delayed this year” or “All interviews will be conducted online”. We strongly advise that you close your ears to unverified information, to prevent and protect yourself from becoming distracted and unsettled. 

To make your life easier, we are maintaining a live updates page, where we are posting everything you need to know in relation to COVID-19 and medical school admissions in Australia and New Zealand, based on official sources. So bookmark the live updates page, keep calm, and carry on with your study and life.

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