UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements: What are They? Who Can Apply?

Are you planning to take the UCAT ANZ? If you have any disabilities, medical conditions, special educational needs or temporary injuries, read on to find out what access arrangements are available.

If you are just starting to think about the test, check out our UCAT overview and try free UCAT practice questions

UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements for Students with a Disability:

The official UCAT ANZ website contains information on UCAT ANZ access arrangements. Here, we take a look at answers to some key questions.

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What are UCAT ANZ access arrangements?

If you’re a student with any disabilities, medical conditions, special educational needs or temporary injuries, you’ll want the reassurance that you can take the test comfortably. You’ll be pleased to discover that UCAT ANZ is committed to ensuring everything runs as smoothly for you as possible.

Access arrangement can include four different versions of the test:

  • UCATSEN: You get 25% extra test time
  • UCATSA: You get five minutes of rest break before each section
  • UCATSENSA: You get 25% extra test time and five minutes of rest break before each section

Special arrangements can be made for a separate testing room and access to medical items or food/drink items that are not included in the UCAT ANZ Comfort Aid List (you should check out these items that do not need pre-approval first). 

All your access arrangements must be planned, with UCAT ANZ requiring that you apply for approval before you book a test. Be aware that testing without access arrangements in place will not be accepted as a mitigating circumstance.

Think carefully about your abilities before the test and factor this into your UCAT preparation schedule.
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Am I eligible for UCAT ANZ access requirements? How do I apply for access arrangements?

To find out if your condition or circumstance entitles you to an access arrangement, fill out the UCAT ANZ Access Arrangements Application.

Do not leave this until the UCAT ANZ registration deadline is close, as you'll also need to provide acceptable evidence.

If you do not receive an outcome of your UCAT ANZ access arrangements application within five working days, you should email ucat-anz@monash.edu to find out the status of your application.

Note that the access arrangements application for the UCAT ANZ was open from 1 February 2022 and the deadline is 17 May 2022. 
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Whatever your circumstances, the fundamentals remain the same. Prepare for the test by learning about UCAT timings and sections in detail.

Head over to our Online UCAT ANZ Course and we’ll get you signed up to guide you through this whole process.

Good luck!

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