How to Make Sense of Your UCAT ANZ 2020 Scores

Many of you would've sat the UCAT ANZ by now. Congratulations! You've just made a significant step towards your dream medical or dental course. But what do your scores mean? Let’s find out…

Where are my UCAT ANZ scores?

Once your UCAT ANZ is complete, Pearson VUE will send you a notification email, confirming your UCAT ANZ scores are ready to be viewed via your Pearson VUE online account. Simply log into your Pearson VUE account to view your score report.

A sample UCAT ANZ 2020 candidate score report
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But What Do They Mean?

On the score report, each section of the UCAT ANZ will have a separate scaled score between 300-900 and a total score for the 4 cognitive sections between 1200-3600. These section scores are taken from your raw marks, meaning the total of correct answers you gave for each section. The higher the number the better, the closer your individual sections scores are to 900 and the closer final totalling score of all 4 sections is to 3600 shows you have performed at a high level of competence, aptitude and suitability.

In September 2020, percentiles for the 2020 UCAT ANZ, based on the scores collected through all candidates sitting the UCAT ANZ, will be available here. This will allow you to see where your final scores sit amongst the rest of the candidates of UCAT ANZ 2020.

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What UCAT ANZ Score Is Needed To Gain An Offer?

Gaining an offer or even an interview spot is dependent upon various elements of the application process as a whole; such as where you apply to, where you live and the course you apply for and the grades and UCAT ANZ scores you achieve, just to mention a few.

Each university has different entry requirements including what percentile UCAT ANZ scores are required. The best course of action is to check with the university you are wishing to attend and check out other university entry requirements just in case you do not meet the requirements of your first option.

It goes without saying but we will say it anyway, just to clarify. The better your UCAT ANZ scores, exam results, personal statements and interviews, the better chance you have of getting into your first choice.

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