Should I Sit the UCAT ANZ as a New Zealand High School Student?

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In New Zealand, most students wanting to study medicine or dentistry sit the UCAT ANZ during their first year of university. Read on to find out why you should consider sitting the UCAT ANZ earlier.

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT ANZ) is a two-hour computer-based aptitude test that is sat by over 14,000 students in Australia and New Zealand each year. It is an important selection criterion used by the majority of direct entry medical schools in Australia and New Zealand, as well as some other healthcare professional courses.

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Why Do Most New Zealand Students Sit the UCAT ANZ After High School?

High school leavers wanting to study medicine or dentistry in New Zealand go through a prescribed first year program at the University of Otago or the University of Auckland. You are then selected for entry to a medical or dental school based on academic performance, valid UCAT ANZ scores* and sometimes an interview.

* Your UCAT ANZ scores are only valid for one year, meaning that you can only use the results from the test in the year you make an application to a medical or dental school. 

As a result, most New Zealand students sit the UCAT ANZ in their first year of university. However, there is nothing stopping you from sitting the UCAT ANZ during high school, as long as you are in the final year of high school. This gives you some advantages, as discussed below.

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Opportunities to Enter Direct Entry Medical or Dental Programs in Australia

Sitting the UCAT ANZ in year 13 opens up doors for direct entry medical and dental schools in Australia. 

We understand that this might not be a preferred option for you due to various reasons, such as having to move away from your family and higher costs. However, for students who really want to secure a place in a medical or dental course as soon as leaving high school, you should seriously consider the prospect of studying in Australia.

You should note that Kiwis still have access to Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs), which are subsidised by the Australian government. There was an attempt to remove this privilege away from Kiwis, but the bill eventually did not go through the Australian Senate.

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A Great Way to Prepare You for the Competitive First Year of University in New Zealand

Preparing for and sitting the UCAT ANZ in high school gives you an edge over other students in your first year of university in New Zealand.

You will be experienced in sitting the UCAT ANZ and know what to expect on the test day. While mock exams are great too, physically going through the whole exam process will give you invaluable experience. For example, you will be able to handle psychological pressures more adeptly, remember to register early to secure your preferred test site and time, and be familiar with the atmosphere of the test site.

Furthermore, you will be more prepared for the UCAT ANZ, meaning that you will have more time and mental capacity to focus on your university studies. While other students spend their time finding out what the UCAT ANZ is about and start preparing for it, you will already have considerable experience and preparation under your belt.

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I Want More Information to Start Preparing for the UCAT ANZ

Visit the official UCAT ANZ website to find out more about the UCAT ANZ.

To get a head start, head over to our UCAT ANZ Online Course now. We have a huge question bank of over 20,000 questions, 21 full mock exams, 40+ mini mock exams, extensive video tutorials, question walkthroughs and performance feedback.

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