Graduate Entry Medical Programmes

Last updated: 8/2/2023

In a nutshell, the process of applying for a graduate entry programme in Australia involves registering and sitting the GAMSAT (or the MCAT), submitting an application through GEMSAS or individual university websites, sitting an interview and waiting for an offer.

The table below summarises important application processes and dates for graduate entry programmes. For some items where the date is not confirmed yet, an approximate date is provided based on the past years.

Please note that not all dates will be relevant for all graduate applicants. Basically, you can ignore any GAMSAT or GEMSAS-related dates if you are applying to Monash University for graduate entry. Also, if you are applying to Flinders University or University of Sydney, you can ignore GEMSAS-related dates. International students should also note the MCAT dates here.



Early February

Registration closes for March GAMSAT

Mid March



Students who have attended a university not participating in the automated results transfer system (ARTS) need to order their academic transcripts.


Admissions guide published on the GEMSAS website

Early May

Applications open for GEMSAS universities and Sydney University and Monash University

Late May

Applications open for Flinders University

Late May

March GAMSAT results out and applications close for GEMSAS universities


Normally, interview offers are out and interviews are held for Sydney University. For 2022 entry, an interview for Sydney University may or may not be required for graduate applicants.


Interview offers out for Flinders University and Monash University. Interview held for Monash University.


Offers released for Sydney University




Interview offers out for GEMSAS universities


Interviews held for GEMSAS universities and Flinders University

Late October

Offers released for Flinders University


Offers released for GEMSAS universities


Offers released for Monash University


Additional offers to fill vacancies


Programme commencement

As you can see, you will have many deadlines and assessments (the GAMSAT and interviews) throughout the year on top of your university study. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you start preparing early for your GAMSAT/MCAT and interviews.

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